Examples Of Different Health Behaviours College Assignment

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Unit 30 Health Psychology P3
Examples of Different Health Behaviours
Case Study
Samantha has moved into a new area and is keen to make new friends. She has never smoked and neither do her parents. She is keen on sports and wants to stay fit. Her brother has the occasional cigarette and she has helped him to avoid being caught by their parents. After her first week at school she is invited out to a friend's house on Saturday night. When she arrives she finds her new friends are smoking and they assume she will join in with them.
Alcohol are drinks that can cause an individual to be drunk such as beer, wine and spirits. The scientific name for the alcohol in these drinks is ethanol or ethyl alcohol. Other chemical forms of alcohol, such as methanol and butanol, are much more toxic than ethanol and should not be consumed by humans. Alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows down the bodies responses in different ways.
· Some people use alcohol in order to get over anxiety and inhibitions, which can help you feel more sociable.
· An exaggeration of whatever mood you're in when you start drinking.
· A wide range of physical health problems, either as a result...

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