Examples Of Sociological Theories And Concepts Associated With ‘Girl Guides Australia’

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‘Girl Guides Australia’ is a community group, which provides an excellent example of many sociological concepts and theories. These concepts give a greater insight and understanding into the foundations of my community. Modernity (Van Krieken et al. 2014) has greatly changed the leisure activities ‘Girl Guides’ take part in and the role of this group in woman’s lives. It has enhanced their involvement Globalisation can also be noted as an important concept relating to development and continuation of ‘Girl Guides Australia’.

This self-defined group is a collective of girls typically between the ages of five and seventeen who pay a small amount of money to be a part of the group. ‘Girls Guides’ was created as the female equivalent of the previously all male ‘Scouts’. The members all share two characteristics, which are gender and similar enjoyment in types of leisure activities. With a hierarchical structure that is clearly outlined, senior leaders work their way to the top while new comers start at the bottom. To make your way up the chain you earn badges for completing certain activities, these badges are seen as a symbol of status among other members. The guides are all said to share the same values and upon entry to the group all are required to take an oath which explains some of these. There is also a uniform requirement which includes a neckerchief, shirt and navy pants. These are just some of the many factors that contribute to defining this collective as a group.

Modernity in relation to sociology is defined as a way to ‘describe the features that characterise modern, Western social formations. These include an economic system based on capitalism, democracy and the rationalisation of all aspects of social life’ (Van Krieken 2014, p. 480) Modernity brought about a lot of change to all aspects of life and in relation to my topic it brought change to females and toward the concept of leisure. It created greater opportunity and equality for woman and allowed an organisation like guides to be created. Girl Guides is a way for females to enjoy some outdoor...

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