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Exceptional Child Essay

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Down Syndrome occurs when a baby is born with an extra chromosome: This extra chromosome is chromosome number twenty one. Having this extra chromosome results in mild to severe cognitive disabilities, facial features that are specific to Down Syndrome, and various health problems. These conditions vary from child to child. Trisomy twenty one is the most frequent type. It occurs in 95 percent of the cases. There are two other causes of Down Syndrome: Translocation Down Syndrome which is four percent and Mosaic Down Syndrome which is one percent. Down Syndrome is the largest hereditary disability and affects one in six hundred and ninety one infants. (Crocker, 2011) It is very important to get ...view middle of the document...

This research represents much of the current work on Down Syndrome where preventing the disability is the major goal.
Referral Issue:
S.H is a right handed, 31 year old female. S.H was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. When S.H was born, the mom’s doctor had never delivered a Down Syndrome baby before. In those days they thought it was more prevalent in mothers that were older. They did not think that it could happen to mothers who were younger, did not smoke, did not drink and was in amazing condition.
Background Information:
S.H’s mother and father provided most of the information for this interview. S.H’s mother is a preschool teacher and reading specialist. S.H’s father is the owner of a promotional business, a real estate agent and the director of programming and volunteer services at Rofeh international. S.H is the oldest child in a family of three children. She has a brother, Danny that is thirty years old and he is married with three children. S.H also has a sister Brittani who is twenty years old. S.H is extremely close to all of her nieces, the oldest being four years old. No other relatives in their family have Down Syndrome.
When S.H was born there were no signs of fetal distress and there were no complications during delivery. S.H was born at 5 pounds 4 ounces however, she dropped to four pounds and 11 ounces very soon after. She was in the NICU for three weeks because of her heart. S.H was too weak to nurse, The mother tried at the very beginning to nurse however, she never latched on. Before S.H’s open heart surgery, she was a blue baby who could not digest anything and could not breathe a lot of the times. S.H was too weak to cry so she slept too much, The mother and the father would feed her around the clock always trying to get food into her while she was awake. She was a very easy going baby. S.H was able to separate from the mother and the father when she was eighteen months because since they had people from early intervention, had doctors that were always around her, people from the Down syndrome clinic as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy and her own personal cardiologist, she was used to having a lot of people around her all the time. Having a special needs child has brought S.H’s mother and father closer together; they have become a real team. It is really incredible how amazing they are.
Early Childhood-Present:
S.H learned to sit up on her own at one year old and she never crawled but scooted. The mother taught her to walk by pushing a chair and did exercises to build up her muscle strength. S.H talked later but she definitely did speak, it just happened later. She was delayed in everything however; she started to put words together by the age of two. Age two was a massive year for growth, in this year S.H learned how to start walking, talking and got potty trained. She graduated from a public school which was not an inclusion class it was a special education class. However, the only time...

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