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Excessie Use Of Antibiotics Essay

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Excessive use of Antibiotics
Over the years humans have tried every possibility to overcome the health problems, spread of epidemics and infections, disease control and have worked towards a healthy society free of disease and health problems. They have succeeded to a great extent. The book “Good germs, bad germs” describes that though the life expectancy is now far more as it was in previous eras. Epidemic problems and infectious diseases are now getting lesser and lesser and humans are being treated successfully. The hygienic conditions have also been improved so as to ensure least growth of microbes, germs, parasites and bacteria. Antibiotics have been invented to address diseases and infections caused by bacteria and viruses. With all these substantial efforts the biologists, physicians and scientists have triggered another epidemic which is even more severe. They have killed those microbes and bacterial species which were human friendly and as a result of either their disruption or mutation, pathogenic bacteria have even become more active and resistant to treatments. This has led to increased ineffectiveness of antibiotic drugs, low immunity and various infections and inflammatory diseases. The chlorinated water for drinking and food processing along with excessive hygienic conditions indicates our fight against these bacteria and germs. Further, these antibiotics are even given to the livestock which becomes our food and as result many of their resistant germs end up in our digestive tract and other organs. Thus, the war against microbes through excessive cleanliness and use of antibiotics has resulted in antibiotic resistance among humans, which has become one of the prominent problems of medical science
The human body has a large number of friendly bacteria and microbes that even out number our body cells and are the natural defense system of the body. The excessive use of antibiotics have not only destroyed a large number of them but also made them resistant to treatment and as a result medical history is fostering those diseases which were never heard in past. The excessive prescriptions of large number of antibiotic drugs and their non-specificity has led humans to an edge of a war which was started by humans themselves and if not stopped will lead to inevitable damage to human community (Sachs,2007). The war against microbes through excessive cleanliness and use of antibiotics has resulted in antibiotic resistance among humans which has become one of the prominent problems of medical science.
Diabetes type I, asthma and food allergies along with some other inflammatory diseases are getting more and more common among youngsters which suggest that the children in our generation are exposed to some kind of immune dysfunction. Even these diseases have taken the forms of plagues. No one is safe from them. Some other worth mentioning diseases which are gaining popularity are inflammatory bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. The rise of...

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