Excessive Amounts Of Social Media And Technology Has Negatively Impacted Our Lives

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Today people spend about seven hours and thirty-eight minutes per day on technology (Ives, p.18). The excessive amounts of technology, including the use of social media, has been negatively affecting our society as a whole. The problem is not the fact that we are using technology, but it is the overuse and excessive amounts that is hurting us. Although technology has some benefits, such as being able to use its tools effectively and being able to connect easily, we have to consider its social and psychiatric effects when it comes to using it in excessive amounts.
Some may say that, overall, the benefits are what we need to focus on. Without technology, we would not be who we are today; ...view middle of the document...

Technology allows for people to obtain the necessary information they need easily, and many times, with only a click of a button or the sound of your voice. It also alleviates the stress of organization or having to deal with scheduling, since many helpful apps are available.
With ease, people are also capable of connecting with each other in many unique ways. Seventy to ninety percent of teens are social network site (SNS) users, which allows them to have a higher level social capital with other people, because “one has social capital because one is part of a social group.” (Ahn, p.99). Social capital, according to Oxford Dictionaries, is “ The networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively.” A study was conducted by Ahn in two high schools in the United States in 2009 to see the connection of SNS users to the relationships of social capital. Ahn asked several questions about the students’ time spent online and their opinions, as well as a survey that measured self-esteem and social capital. Ahn used the Internet Social Capital Scales (ISCS) and provided statements about certain situations that eventually determined the students’ social capital ( Ahn, p.101-102). Ahn found that students who had accounts for Facebook and MySpace had a higher result of social capital, but the time spent on the social network sites had no correlation with the social capital. SNS users have more of an advantage to build relationships with other SNS users due to the almost effortless accessibility to social media sites or the use of technology. Social capital is able to form more with other people because you are able to communicate with them in a variety of ways (Ahn, p.107). There are several ways to communicate easily with another person, whether it is through a website, phones, email, or even social media sites. If you can’t reach a person or are not able to use one way, there are multiple other options to choose from. It is not limited.
Finally, technology allows for introverted people to socialize in their own way while feeling comfortable (American Psychological Association). They can interact, whether it is behind a screen or expressing themselves through their own art, music, design, etc. Technology, as well as social media, has its benefits, but these benefits have limits. Technology and social media usage is advantageous to a certain extent, but as you exceed that mark of usage, problems arise and come with it.
Excessive amounts of social media and technology has negatively impacted us as individuals. The excessive amounts of this usage has negatively affected our health, as well as our brains. For example, technology has been proven to lead to psychiatric problems, such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizoaffective Disorder, addiction, and even more (The Best Computer Science Schools). With these mental problems, also comes with complications in the...

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