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Excessive Screen Violence Corrupts Our Kids.

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Excessive screen violence corrupts our kidsI'm working at the psychiatric ward at the Brisbane hospital. I have 10-years experience working with children in this psychiatric facility. I'm here today to discus how excessive screen violence corrupts our children behavior. It is very difficult topic to research because it's hard to really observe the effect of violent TV on children firsthand. We can't put children in an ideal laboratory setting, watching violent programs and observing the effects because exposing them to violence may, in fact harm them. So children often behave differently after watching violent programs on TV. Children and teenagers become immune to the horror of it and increasingly accept violence as a way to solve problems and become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others.A well-known pediatrician, Dr John Locke suggests that 70% of children's accidents occur because of explicit wildness and high levels of uncensored violence in programs on TV. This alarming fact indicates that children are growing up with far too much exposure to inappropriate behavior.Children under the age of seven do not really understand what many shows are about and that makes them especially vulnerable. Moreover, the different styles and techniques used in programs can make them very attractive to children. Therefore, the under 7s are not intellectually, socially and emotionally mature enough to interpret what they see on TV and they cannot understand the cause and effect, which lies behind what they see on TV.In addition, violence is form of aggressive behavior, which is unacceptable in our society. We all have negative opinions about watching this on TV,...

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