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Excessive Game Play And Video Game Addiction

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The excessive game play is a community problem in Macedonia that should be prevented because it results with addiction which symptoms cause lethal consequences. The possibility for creating a virtual life attracts people to participate in computer games that later on interfere in their lives. A decade ago children in Macedonia used to play with marbles and “seek and hide” outside, while adults went to play sports or in the gym. Today, in the era of computerization, life has relocated from reality in computer games. Video game addiction is another type of addiction in the modern age.
First of all, you should keep in mind that video/computer game addiction is not an official DSM-IV diagnosis ...view middle of the document...

Excessive playing affects players interacting skills and they have hard time in face- to- face communication and expressing themselves in debates. For example: when a teenager did an interview about a virtual school company, he couldn’t answer the questions. Physical consequences, on the other hand, lead to more critical point. Dehydration, starvation, self harm and fights affect the physical well being of the gamer. Many examples present the seriousness of these consequences. In the capital city of Macedonia, Skopje, 22-year-old boy ended with stab wound in the chest when he got in massive fight over video games at internet café. Communities around the world face the same issue. Mirror news in 2012 reports that 18-year-old Taiwanese boy passed away because he played Diablo III for 40 hours without eating or sleeping. Another case is when 30-year-old Chinese man passed away after three-day online playing session. Luckily, there are preventive measures that can be taken in order to avoid these unwanted consequences.
Kimberly Young from The Center for Internet Addiction Recovery in Bradford, Pennsylvania, suggests setting limits on play time, changing the power source and family therapy . First step is to set limits on the time the player is spending on the game. For children this measure is easier to apply because the parents determine the time. For adults, their friends and family members can indirectly set the limit by initiating participation in sport activities, walks, parties etc. Another way to prevent addiction is to...

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