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Exchanging Information Through Social Media Essay

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The common definition of social media would be “the relationships that exist between network of people” (Walter & Riviera, 2004). For the past years, the ever changing Internet and World Wide Web have caused the virtual and electronic world to evolve in such ways that mankind never expected. With this new and improved method of transferring information through social networks and media people of almost all ages can now be able to exchange ideas, personal information, and feelings with great ease and without the hassle of telephones and massive payments. Schill (2011), an expert in the field, studied the current situation and concluded that these social network websites are promoting a negative feedback on the population and causing people to waste their time and procrastinate. It has also promoted cyber bullying and terrorism. For example, every day of the week, adults and children, regardless of their ages, spend numerous hours hypnotized by the virtual world chatting with friends and family through different mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and many more. There have been multiple studies made in order to clarify the relationship between social media and students.
If viewed from a different perspective, it can be noticed that the social networks don’t only have negative effects, but can also have advantages as well. Theses social networks are a new method of communication. For people that want to get to know others, this is the perfect opportunity to explore and meet new people without having to go through the hassle of meeting the person face to face. It is actually helping them get to know new and interesting people which helps them develop and share new ideas. Nowadays, whether we agree with it or not, as social media sites continue to grow in popularity the more we are inclined to believe that technology is a vital part of today’s student success equation. Many different types of controversial and trivial issues have arisen with parents being worried about their children because they are spending too much time on them. To first identify the situation, we must ask the following question: How do everyday students utilize the common social network such as Facebook or Twitter? So, main goal of this essay is to establish the pros and cons of a student using a social network in order to learn. However, one has to take into consideration that learning is not only what is taught in school, but also the experiences the child goes through and the people he/she meets.
“When it’s used in a positive way, it can be an extraordinary tool (Brydolf, 2007).” The best thing of social networks is that there is an easy access to interactive online communities based on academic help or assistance for anyone willing to learn without having to pay for an external tutor or teacher (Lusk, 2010). Social media ensures a perfect medium for easy academic support, accessibility, provide virtual space and strengthen a student’s communication skills without speaking face...

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