Execution, Acquisition, And Consummation Of An 8 Oz. Bottle Of Dear Park Water By: Paul Whalen Kitonis

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*The following chain of events or 'slice of life' occurred on June 14, 2004 between the hours of 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. eastern standard time in Sandbridge, Virginia.*
Sweating... Always sweating... I hate when perspiration beads into my eyes. I hold my hand up to the sun, my lips parched, the excess heat rising off the sand in the distance. Surveying my surroundings, I spot my flat to the left. Its pale grey siding with sky blue shudders flapping in the wind; this colossus rises 3 ½ stories above the dunes which are littered with a few long strands of crab grass and randomly placed jagged stones from the previous establishment. I remember many windows, a back porch, and a rusty grill. To the right of me is the ocean, the salty fragrance wafting through the air, I can almost feel as if I were immersed in its protective core. Snap! I suddenly realize that I'm in the middle of the beach bordering heat exhaustion, I haven't drank anything all morning, my lips and my eyes pain me; I need rejuvenation, I need Deer Park.

The sand that lay between the abode and I was littered with foot impressions, that reminded me of the rolling Piedmont hills of Virginia. I begin my journey to the house, step by scorching step, towards the shadow lands. The cool, shaded sand was beckoning for my feet, it was my salvation; I just had to get there. My slow trudge transformed into an all-out sprint in a matter of seconds, my heart racing, my veins pumped with battery acid. 'Whoosh'. I relaxed in the cool, shaded comfort zone beneath the porch.

The stairs to the upper floors lay to the left of me, and the foot shower to the right. As I wash my extremities, my vision meanders towards the flight of stairs that awaits me, the year-old stairs still stalwart as they had appeared in the pictures. Looking back and seeing my parents deciding upon the Steel Grey variant out of the Tyvek catalogue. I let out a sigh as the last of the water trickles from the faucet, not a sigh in relief, but one in euphoria, "life is good".

I begin my ascent up the stairs, another obstacle concealing my true prize, fresh water; but I have to ask myself what is fresh water exactly? Does that mean it has been recently bottled or just newly made? Bah, that is nonsense; the water on this planet has been around since earth's conception. The heat is clouding my mind, I need my Park.

Creaking up the stairs, incandescent melodies from decades ago are streaming...

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