Executive Powers And Executive Challenges Don't Coincide

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Ever since America has become a Democracy, the citizens have had some sort of beef with the President. Today, the biggest issue with the government is the economy. “Why isn’t the President fixing it?” “The President is just making us go into a bigger debt.” These are just a few statements that can be heard around the country. The fact is, these people are naïve. Yes, the President is in charge of the country, but he can’t control an entire country on his own. Because of this, we have a two house Congress. If the President comes up with an idea, he has to make sure Congress approves and vice versa- the bills passed by Congress have to be passed by the President. The national debt is probably the biggest issue in the country right now, so it is time to fix it. However, that might be easier said than done. There are many different views throughout the country, and Obama has to deal with all of them when some things are out of his control. With unemployment rates growing, Obama wants to spend more money on creating jobs. Republicans are taking this to their advantage, saying that Obama isn’t doing anything to fix the national debt. The fact is, Americans need to understand that the President doesn’t have control in everything. Many of the articles about national debt focus on Congress and the bills they are working on. In fact, very few even mention the President besides saying that he most likely will or will not sign the bill in question. In the words of Jonathan Chait, “Obama is like a pilot who took the controls of the plane in mid-flight after the engines fell out. It’s obvious that he didn’t cause the problem, but the passengers are going to focus on the fact that the plane was still airborne before he took over, and now, he’s crash-landing in the ocean”(4).Now that he has landed the plane, he is facing everybody’s wrath at the same time that he is trying to fix the “plane”. Americans need to realize that the President is in a tough position and stop complaining about what the President is doing wrong.
As everybody knows, the United States is in a huge debt, almost 15 trillion dollars in debt. According to the US Debt clock, that makes about a $46 thousand debt per American citizen. That is a shocking number, so citizens want to know why the government, mainly President Obama, isn’t fixing it. He promised change, so where is it? Since he has been in office, the debt keeps increasing. He just keeps increasing the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) without decreasing the debt, putting the United States in a dilemma. If the debt keeps increasing, America will eventually go bankrupt and will not be able to be a free country anymore.
America hasn’t always been a democracy. Take a look at the history of government. When people first started coming to the new world, they were mainly trying to get away from the over powering king. Because of this, they decided that they didn’t want to have a national government with too much power. This resulted in...

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