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Executive Puzzles And Games As Promotional Products Or Gifts

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Puzzles and games are an excellent way to relax while taking a short break at work. They offer you an opportunity to rest your mind and relieve stress while still remaining professional. Executive puzzles and games are excellent gift items that can also be used as advertising gimmicks. Gift ideas can range from toys designed to be fun and offer relaxation or puzzles designed to get the player into a certain frame of mind. E.g. a chess set or a rubix cube that encourage critical thinking in the user.

While choosing executive puzzles and games as promotional products or gifts there are certain factors that you should consider. One, the profession of the recipient does the recipient have a desk job, or are they always on the move? Two, the purpose of the gift; should it be functional or act as a display item? You have a better chance of making an impression with the gift though if the gift is relevant to what they do on a daily basis.

Executives and people that spend a lot of time at their desks would probably like something that they can place within easy reach or that they can display on their desks. As a gift for executives metallic toys are recommended such as metallic spring toys or thinking balls. Executive tranquilizer balls are also a good display item gift and they’re also functional as they work well as stress relievers. For someone that’s constantly mobile the gift idea has to reconsidered to fit their mobility, a deck of cards or an electronic game is a good gift idea for the constant traveler.

Display gifts usually called decision makers are meant to be displayed on the desk or in a prominent position where they can be seen. They should be entertaining and contain fun logos that can be altered to fit the company theme. The more entertaining the game the more likely it is that the recipient will carry it around with them or place it on a prominent position on their desks. Examples of such are table top roulette wheels, a pair of dice, dart boards or even and eight ball for the fun loving young executive.

Table mats, mouse pads and coasters can also be used as promotional gift items. Not only are they functional but with the right logo or caption they can be entertaining too and serve as motivation for the recipient during a particularly long day. Another added advantage of this category is that it can be mass produced and given to both business partners and friends.

The most successful promotional gift items to date range from puzzles to rubix cubes and cross words.

When stressed at work or looking for something to do while you take a lunch break, the crossword puzzle is...

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