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Executive Summary Essay

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Executive Summary

The 2000 were a period of enormous growth, Australian is a prosperous
nation has benefited from 9 years of uninterrupted economic growth.
However, the international tourist industry was suffer from the
terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon in the USA on
11 September 2001. Overall, the Australian international tourist
industry continues to be strong because of the board mix of natural
environment and cosmopolitan cities located here, including high-tech,
stable international political situation and economic prosperity.

In order to increase Australian international tourist industry, Sport
and Tourism of Australia’s Department of Industry, Science and
Resources must develop a strategic plan to reach more potential
visitors. With Australia unique natural resources, its appeal to more
Asian travellers come to Australia. Over the past decade, most
visitors came from the UK, Europe and North America. Now, Australia
must begin some strategies to attract more travellers from Asia
countries. This will give Australia the best opportunity to expand
its tourism.


Although Australia has been booming, the world economy has been in
recession for some time. Indeed, Australian tourism is slowly
declining has been far less than originally expected. Even though the
Australian government strives to sustain growth in the economy without
damaging the natural environment, but these improvement do not seem to
be reaching the travellers its need to influence. Therefore, I am
asked to summarise the marco environmental issues affecting Australian
Tourism and propose additional strategies that the Sport and Tourism
of Australia’s Department of Industry, Science and Resources may be
able to promote its tourist industry and influence visitor’s

As a result of the declining Australian international tourist
industry, it became necessary to explore other strategies where its
may be undertaken. Asia countries are looking forward with reasonable
optimism to the next decade because it had been the leading growth
area during the past decade.

This report looks at the following:

* An overall picture of the marco environment.

* The factors that may impact the Australian Tourism regarding the
marco environment.

* Propose some strategies for addressing the needs and wants of
Asian visitors.

The data is collected from a variety of reliable sources, including
the following:

* Latest visitors records from website of Asia countries, including
Japan, China and Hong Kong.

* Interviews with company colleagues.

* Information from Tourism Australia

This information supports the conclusion and recommendations presented
in the report.


To summarise the marco environmental issues affecting Australian

Information from the case shows that the holiday growth over the next
decade will slow down compared to the past decade....

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