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Executive Summary Acu Scan Case Study

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PART TWO: Executive Summary - AcuScan Case StudyGEN480September 25, 2010PART TWO: Executive Summary - AcuScan Case StudyAcuScan is a University of Phoenix case study for GEN480 class. In this case study, the students act as an independent consultant hired to audit AcuScan to identify the flaws within the company and report the findings to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (University of Phoenix, 2009). This executive summary will provide the essential contents of the master document previewing the main points of the document while building a mental framework for the readers to organize and understand the detailed information presented. This helps to determine the key results of the findings and recommendations as reported in the document. The essential contents includes the purpose and scope of the document, summary of the situation, key points relating to the situation, derived conclusions, and recommendations and actions to be taken.Purpose and ScopeThe purpose and scope of this executive summary is to summarize AcuScan's current situation concerning the expansion of the iScanner as a retail industry application. As the independent consultant hired to audit AcuScan, the CEO has tasked this firm to provide a basic overview of the current state of affairs surrounding the "Optimization Project" by expounding the facts and issues surrounding its initiatives. In the same token, this firm will help AcuScan shift into the retail markets by launching a new and innovative product while keeping with its traditional product superiority and highly revered employment setting. This transition will allow AcuScan to venture into new markets as it develops its technology by pioneering a solution to an unrecognized customer need. Additionally, the firm will bring to light situations affecting this forward movement by identifying underlying issues, key points relating to these underlying issues, and derived conclusions made by these situations. Thereafter, the firm will report to the CEO outlining the options available and recommended course of action for AcuScan to consider in addressing identified issues within the company.Summary of the SituationThe company faces a marketing slump, as it has not produced a revenue-generating product for some time. In its current state, each department in AcuScan must reduce budget costs by 15% to meet financial demands. Although the company incurred new expenses with the launch of a new product, the "Optimization Project" budget line created a straining affect within the company. To increase sales, management looked toward expanding on the current iScanner technology. With this new venture, the CEO turned to Marketing to join forces with Product Development to come up with inventive uses for iScanner technology outside of its current marketplace. Marketing's research revealed that there is currently no competitor marketing an eye-scanning technology within the retail industry. This presented an opportunistic niche to AcuScan....

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