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IntroductionWhen any company prepares for a campaign there are many aspects that need to be planned accordingly. This executive summary will show the aspects of a public relations campaign for Ridoran's. Such as how it will affect ethical, technological and global issues, a crisis management plan, budget and strategies to have a successful campaign. After implementing this PR campaign Ridoran's Manufacturing is ensured a successful outcome.EthicalSince a public relations practitioner work is capable of influencing others, ethics plays a critical role between the public and the public relations practitioner. Losing the public's trust means losing the publics support. Therefore, every time a public relations practitioner delivers information they must be honest and up front if they are to succeed. According to Cregan (2005) "Most ethical questions in public relations fall under four categories": (a) social responsibility, (b) relationship with client or employer, (c) relationship with the media, (d) relationship with fellow public relations people."Being honest and up front in any public relation campaign can save a lot of pain and suffering for both the practitioner as well as the public. When a practitioner is dishonest it can destroy any hope of winning over the public and if there are any law violations it can lead to criminal prosecution.TechnologicalTechnology plays a critical role in today's environment. The public relations practitioner needs to get the approval of the public and the media is the best way to achieve this. There are many methods of communication today that can be used as a tool to help manage a communication, such as the internet, cell phones, e-mail, ham radio operators, satellites etc. Communication is a technological advance that is affordable and readily available to all of the world's population.Global issuesThere are many different cultures and languages thought the world today and each has there own set of problems. What will work for one country may not work for another. A language barrier is another issue that slows down the communication process. Communications must be translated and then interpreted into the cultural setting. Global issues can put a stop to any public relations if the correct tools are not used.Crisis Management PlanAs a global manufacturing company, Ridoran must be prepared for events ranging from product tampering, terrorism, sabotage, kidnapping, extortion, to political unrest. Because these events are unforeseeable, crisis management must be both proactive and reactive. Proactive crisis management includes anticipating potential crises and planning how to deal with them. It is critical that Ridoran has the time and resources necessary to complete a crisis management plan before we experience a crisis. Crisis management in the face of a real crisis includes identifying the real nature of the crisis, intervening to minimize damage, and recovering from the crisis. Crisis management often includes...

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