Executive Summary Of Calyx $ Corolla

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Executive Summary

Calyx & Corolla is a young company that offers a very unique choice for customers who are interested in buying fresh flowers. Fresh flowers industry valued approximately $9 Billion in the United States in 1990 with steady market growth rate of 7.7% since 1985. However, the market potential did not reach the top yet. US fresh flowers market still has more room to grow. Per capita consumption of flowers and plants in the US was $36 per year, while the average in Europe was $60.

Since a flower diminished its value everyday due to lacking of freshness, efficient distribution is the key to the flower industry. Calyx & Corolla has a distinctive way of delivering flowers to the consumers. Calyx & Corolla links its customers directly to the growers via the reliable delivery service of FedEx, whereas other companies rely on the traditional distribution channel which contains at least four layers: growers to regional distributors, regional distributors to wholesalers, wholesalers to retailers / florists, and florists to end-users. Thus, Calyx and Corolla can deliver fresher flowers to its customers bypassing those distribution processes. Calyx and Corolla also earns higher profit margin than its competitors due to its uncomplicated cost structure. For instance, Calyx and Corolla does not have to spread its profit to distributors and wholesalers.

FTD was the biggest player in the fresh flowers market. FTD was a member-owned, worldwide cooperative of 25,000 florists. Florists usually used FTD to provide delivery service beyond their service area. The florists who originated the order received 20%, the florists who delivered the order 73%, and FTD 7%. The powerful network of 25,000 florists was the main advantage of FTD to penetrate the fresh flowers market. However, its price structure was not so flexible. “800-Flowers” was the largest member of FTD network and it was becoming more and more popular. 800-Flowers received 25% fee of the flower order from the delivering florist. Its revenues were about $16 Million in 1990.

Another channel that we need to keep our eyes on was supermarkets. Supermarkets were becoming more popular and more powerful in the fresh flowers market. The average annual sales for supermarket floral departments were $104,950, having grown almost four times in the past ten years. However, supermarkets had two major disadvantages. First, supermarket employees lacked the sensitivity and expertise required to sell flowers. Second, the location of flower departments in supermarkets was usually near produce departments and ethylene gas might hasten the deterioration of flowers.

Stepping into the growth stage of the business life cycle, Calyx and Corolla was looking for organizational and financial implications to support a more aggressive long term growth strategies. This report suggests both short term and long term strategies that align with Calyx and Corolla’s long term goals.

First of all, Calyx and...

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