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Executive SummaryCharter Communications began as a cable provider in 1993. Today, it is a Fortune 500 company with a diversified portfolio of advanced digital networking services for consumers and business customers. Charter Communications provides a wide range of business-to-business video, data, and IP solutions for businesses throughout the United States. Although demand for economical advanced data networking services is rapidly accelerating among companies across the U.S., organizations outside of major markets (New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas, for example), often find it difficult to locate reliable, flexible networking services. Charter Communications is one of the few service providers with a range of highly flexible, reliable data networking offerings and outstanding customer service for all sizes of customers.The company is building out its network across the country using high-capacity fiber optic transport connections for Internet and point-to-point communications. Many of the company's existing and target customers already rely on networking solutions from Cisco Systems® and look to Charter Communications to provide a range of solutions, including virtual private networks (VPNs), Metro Ethernet, Internet access, LAN extension, remote teleworker access, and pointto- multipoint networking connectivity.Charter's criteria for its network expansion included the ability to deliver Ethernet-based services over fiber. Scalability was another important consideration because the company's goal is to replicate network infrastructure across multiple markets. The company viewed Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) as a valuable tool that would allow it to more easily scale and manage a network that spanned multiple markets. In addition, Charter wanted to use Layer 2 virtual LAN (VLAN) features to simplify network management while enabling service customization. Together, MPLS and VLAN capabilities would help Charter offer a consistent set of services across markets, customize offerings to meet specific customer needs, and gain a market advantage over less flexible competitors. With fiber connectivity and the right networking solution, Charter could sell bandwidth in reasonable increments, scale capacity as required, and bill appropriately for the bandwidth actually delivered.Charter Communications' faces many key challenges one being that as Charter has grown through a series of acquisitions of smaller cable companies. Bringing the disparate systems and networks into compliance with enterprise security standards has created a huge technical challenge for Charter's IT department, which currently supports 15,000 employees.Charter uses the IBM AS/400 and System i5 platform. Despite its excellent security record, fully securing the AS/400 environment requires an investment of time, expertise and tools to effectively configure and enhance these features. This is challenging for any company, but particularly for an IT department tasked...

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