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Example Of Marketing Plan Essay

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The MBA program at Youngstown State University is run by Betty Jo Licatta and is designed to assist you in mobility, increased earnings, and career advancement. On the enrollee's preference the program can be pursued either full- time or part time. MBA course are offered one evening a week starting at 6:00 p.m. There are scholarships and graduate assistantships available when pursueing the MBA degree. The MBA requirements consist of 30-48 semester hours of graduate work depending upon undergraduate preparation. There are three levels that have to be achieved in order to obtain a MBA. They are categorized by MBA foundation courses, advanced MBA course, and elective courses respectively. To apply for the MBA program, applications should be submitted at least one month prior to the beginning of the term in which the student wishes to begin course work. With the application should be sent a GMAT score, thirty dollars, and a resume. There are approximently 115 current students with room to expand.


The students currently enrolled in the program needs to increase to 130 student for the fall semester of 2010.

Mission Statement

To enhance the necessary skills and knowledge needed in order to gain a competitive advantage in the changing business world. The rationale behind this is business is more global than domestic nowadays, so I believe it's important not only to have a domestic focus but an international focus as well. This will let the student interested know that the MBA's focus is on knowledge and skills that are required to compete in the the global business environment. The student needs that knowledge that are needed to compete out there in the global business environment. The student needs the skills and knowledge to be to have advantage over someone else applying for the same job position.

Internal Audit


Going to a smaller university like YSU is a bargain and more appealing to graduates. Graduates that want to pursue MBA are in processes of paying off student loans. Unfortunately for many students it takes years to pay off student loans, so any way possible if saving money whiling gaining experience and knowledge to improve their job position is something mostly everyone will factor into their decision.

Y.S.U is a AACSB (International accredited school) This achievement is very important because not every university can say that have it. This achievement recognizes that a school must satisfy a range of rigorous quality standards.

Y.S.U has small classrooms which is an advantage. The student would experience an one-on-one feeling in the classroom. Most MBA students are focused on school and what is in the future for them. With the environment with bigger classrooms, the students tends to be forgotten and that can take away the chance for the student to comprehend material and gain knowledge about specific subject matter.

The new...

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