Exercise #1 A.         A Speaker’s Sex, Approximate Age, And Which

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Exercise #1 A. A speaker's sex, approximate age, and which part of the United States he or she is from, is revealed through his or her spoken English.B. The difference between business letters, personal business letters, and personal letters is: Business letters are written from one business firm to another, a Personal Business letter is written from an individual to a business firm, and a Personal letter is exchanged between friends and relatives.C. The four most common letter formats or styles are: 1.) Block- All lines begin at left margin.2.) Modified Block with Blocked Paragraphs- All lines begin at the left margin except the date, complimentary close, and signature lines, which begins at center.3.) Modified Block with Indented Paragraphs- This format is similar to the modified block with blocked paragraphs format, except that paragraphs are indented five spaces and the subject line-if used-is indented five spaces to match the paragraphs.4.) Simplified Block- All lines begin at left margin. The salutation and complimentary close are omitted. The date is keyed in capital letters with no punctuation or in uppercase and lowercase letters. The subject line is keyed in capital letters or in uppercase letters with a double space before and after it. The signature line is keyed in capital letters or in uppercase and lowercase letters a quadruple space below the body.D. The difference between an open and mixed punctuation is, that an open punctuation has no punctuations after the salutation and complimentary close, and a mixed punctuation has a colon after the salutation, and a comma after the complimentary close.E. The appearance of your document or letter will influence the reaction of the receiver, such as making it attractive, using proper stationery, balancing and centering your letterhead, and making it neat and attractive.Exercise #2 A. Your assistance has been extremely valuable.• To express appreciation B. The deadline has been extended to May 3, • To supply information C. Please print or key your answers in.• To provide directions D. Your promotion is well deserved indeed! • To convey congratulations E. May I leave 30 minutes early this...

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