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Qaulity Of Life: The Importance Of Losing Weight

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To be told by your physician that you need to lose weight must be an incredibly difficult feeling; to have one of your biggest insecurities suddenly spoken out loud. For my friend, with the way he has been consistently gaining weight since middle school and not changing his behavior, it should not come as a surprise. However, the physician is correct that he should begin finding healthy and safe ways to lose the excess weight and therefore improve his quality of life.
Losing weight requires changes to many aspects of a person’s life, including monitoring portion size, making healthy food choices, and increasing physical activity. “Weight gain occurs when more nutrients are present than are required for maintenance of body metabolism and physical activity.” This is the current state of my friend’s eating patterns, as he continues his bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. “Stable weight occurs when the calories absorbed from food equal those expended for body metabolism plus physical activity.” This is good if a person wants to maintain their current weight. However for my friend, it would be important that the amount of calories consumed is less than the amount burned so that he can lose the excess weight. With the way culture influences people to increase their “consumption of fast food and sweetened sodas, growing portion sizes, and a decrease in physical activity,” losing weight is a challenge that will take a lot of effort. Especially in college, when food from the commons is not always healthy, or if it is healthy it isn’t appealing. The new all you can eat buffet style also encourages overeating.
One important thing while he is making these lifestyle changes is to make sure that he does not become affected by an eating disorder. While they are found mostly in women, men are still affected and so he is at risk. When a person develops too negative of a self-image, they can be prone to going too far in their weight loss. There are three types of disorder addressed in the textbook; anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating. Anorexia “includes intentional starvation and a distorted body image.” It is thought that anorexia is an intense way that people try to gain control of their life in a way that is a great challenge. Bulimia is when a person “consumes huge quantities of food in an uncontrolled manner (binge) and then purge, either by vomiting or by taking laxatives.” This disease is more common who have had trouble controlling their desires in the past, often with problems like “history of alcohol or drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, suicide attempts, and stealing or shoplifting.” Binge eating includes “the same type of out-of-control eating that is symptomatic of bulimia, but without any form of purging.” However, as long as my friend works to have positive thoughts and to have a friend monitoring his weight loss, he shouldn’t be too at risk.
There are three common models that explain obesity; the setpoint, genetic, and positive...

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