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Nothing is better than being able to keep fit whilst living a healthy lifestyle, even when an individual is pregnant. A mothers first thoughts when pregnant are to stay fit, keep healthy and find ways of making sure the unborn is healthy too, hence the thought of doing regular physical activity. According to Wright (2013:1), there can be many benefits that can be associated with exercise as well as that by doing moderate yet effective physical activities, can no doubt be safe for the unborn baby and mother. There may also be aspects which involve knowing what types of activities to do, such as aerobic exercises and muscle-strengthening exercises. Often, exercise can be seen as a positive among women who are pregnant and wanting to stay fit. Many women begin to think that possibly exercise will harm the fetus and that they may not begin to improve physically, however with the right considerations, ...view middle of the document...

Just because you are pregnant does not usually mean that you should stop any physical activity. Before getting into any other detail, one must surely look at the benefits of doing exercise whilst being pregnant. There are many benefits that may out-weight those of the negatives, but one must surely understand that no matter what, each woman will differ physically or physiologically and that their reactions to the exercise may differ too. With regards to the benefits of exercising whilst being pregnant, according to Wright (2013:1), just some of the benefits of doing exercise include help you keep a healthy weight during and after your pregnancy. Help you to sleep better and feel less tired. Reduce your chances of developing varicose veins. Reduce the likelihood of swelling of your feet, ankles or hands. Reduce the chance and severity of anxiety or depression. Help prevent back pain. Reduce the risk of developing diabetes during your pregnancy (gestational diabetes). In women who do develop diabetes during their pregnancy, regular physical activity may help to improve the control of their diabetes. Reduce the risk of problems with high blood pressure during your pregnancy. Perhaps, shorten labour and make problems or complications less likely during the delivery of your baby. It can make the baby more resilient during the birth process.

With an overview of exercise and pregnancy as well as the benefits involved, let us look at the various considerations within exercise training and pregnancy. According to Thompson (2010:185), some of the considerations that need to be taken into account are that any woman who has been sedentary or have any serve medical conditions should increase their activities gradually over time to meet recommended levels, pregnant woman should at least consider doing 30 minutes of exercise daily, many women should avoid contact sports which may cause an imbalance or trauma to the unborn child. Pregnant women should no doubt participate in strength training programs, using all muscle groups with multiple repetitions. Women should increase calorie intake to meet the needs of the calories of pregnancy and exercise.

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