Exercise In A Bottle Essay

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Exercise in a Bottle

Imagine that it is a Friday night and you are up having a little midnight snack and watching some television. Feeling guilty for eating at such a late hour, you begin to flip through the stations when something catches your eye. It is an infomercial, and usually you just flip right through these, but for odd some reason you decide to watch this one. How could you possibly resist not watching? The commercial begins by showing gorgeous blondes in bikinis, and buff studs in speedos stuffing their faces with hamburgers, pizza, chips and everything that you know should not be eaten in quantity (if at all)! The amazing thing is that these “people” all have society’s ideal bodies. They are toned, tan, and thin in all of the right places. The commercial proceeds to boast how these women and men never exercise. They don’t need to because they take Enforma’s Exercise in a Bottle! Well now they have gotten your attention--look great, eat what you want and never exercise? It sounds way too good to be true! This is what miracle product, Exercise in a Bottle, will promise its potential buyers. But the questions, how does it work, what are they and how do its ingredients work, does it work, and are there any side effects are all key questions to be explored before taking Exercise in a Bottle. After I saw the commercial one night when I was up late snacking with my best friend, I admit that I was definitely tempted to pick up the phone and place an order. I even came close to falling into all of the hype and excitement surrounding this new product when I began my research, but after seeing a more scientific approach to the product, I have changed my mind.


Exercise in a Bottle is the latest trend to make waves on the diet scene these days. It claims to help you burn fat and to give you the all of the benefits of exercising, without so much as stepping foot in a gym. Exercise in a Bottle is an all natural product containing : pyruvate, hydroxy citric acid, chromium picolinate, and ginkgo bilboa. It is distributed by a company called Enforma which produces a long line of “all natural” weight loss products that are advertised over the inter net as well as on TV. Their products are so common that you can find them at most pharmacies and health food stores--that is if they aren’t sold out! Enforma claims that their product, Exercise in a Bottle “will increase the activity of your muscle cells so you can burn the fat already stored in your body.” (http://www.cellular-phone.com/enforma/products.html) When coupled with a product called Fat Trapper (which is supposed to trap the fat the you intake before your body can absorb it), the combo seems foolproof, or so Enforma makes it seem. When people think that it is possible to, not worry about exercising, eat whatever they want and not gain weight, Exercise in a Bottle seems like a miracle, just what American’s have been waiting for....

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