Exercise On The Brain: A Review Of Literature

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Exercise has been related to curing a lot of different diseases and including weight loss, diabetes, depression, and also may protect against many diseases. It also boosts performances of bodily functions like the heart, liver, and the immune system.There is a small factor that is missed out when considering why humans work out and that factor is the human brain and how exercise affects it so much. The human brain is the most special thing in the human body because it controls and tells everything what to do, and when humans exercise the brain gets a boost just like the rest of the body when there is a daily dose of exercise. The research for this science fair will achieve the answers to how does working out affect the brain: How does the brain get affected by exercise and if it does how? Does the type of exercise have a difference in the human brain? Does exercise affect more than just the brain?

How does Exercise Affect the Brain?
Exercise is a good thing for the human body, not just for losing weight and other health benefits but also for the human brain. The University of Brussel-Belgium conducted research on how exercise has such a big impact on the brain and how it works. When humans exercise the blood starts
to flow more rapidly which carries more blood and more oxygen to the human brain, and when there is more oxygen in the brain, it functions better and the growth of brain cells is much more productive
when humans exercise (Meeusen, 2005). Secondly, when exercise is performed it stimulates the brain's plasticity “Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity, is an umbrella term that encompasses both synaptic plasticity and non-synaptic plasticity—it refers to changes in neural pathways synapses which are due to changes in behavior, environment and neural processes”(Webster Dictionary, 2013). This promotes growth of new connections between brain cells and this makes it easier for the human brain
to to grow new neuronal connections (Cotman, C. 2007). Exercise also acts as an antidepressant.
When humans exercise, a chemical called Endorphin causes humans to have a happy feeling. Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet have also found out that the same antidepressant was present in the hippocampus which is the area of the brain that expands the memory and learning skills of the human(White, L. 2008, March). So when humans look at exercise as a way to stay in shape, look good, and fight disease, humans are also helping out ourselves by promoting the growth of cells in the human brain and to keep different brain chemicals balanced.

Does the type of exercise have a difference in the human brain?
There are different types of exercises a human can do those being aerobic, and stretching have different effects on the brain. Aerobic exercises are the best on the human brain because they transport blood the fast which means more oxygen to the human brain and better cell production and overall the power of the human brain is increased...

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