Exercise Science: Fluid Intake In Medium Warm And Very Warm Environments. (Gatorade Endurance Formula Overview)

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An athlete training for one hour in a medium-warm climate with medium humidity. The temperature was 82 degrees and the humidly level was 75%. The initial weigh of the athlete was 170 lbs. After ingesting 473ml. of fluids, the athlete completed a one hour soccer practice routine (intense aerobic exercise). At the end of the workout routine, the athlete weighed 168.2 lbs. The recommended fluid intake quantity should be 2473ml. The sweat rate is 1.28 liters per hour or 44 oz.It is well known that athletes exercising intensely need to replace their lost fluids through water, sport drinks, or a combination of the two. Before 1960, water was the only known fluid that athletes were able to intake before, during, or after a competition or exercise session in general. Since then, Gatorade was invented (at the University of Florida) and many other came after. Athletes, who exercise for at least one hour or more, are likely to experience some degree of dehydration (4). Moreover, athletes who exercise consecutive days should drink plenty of fluids before the exercise session and during the rest of the day. It is recommended that after the work out, athletes replenish their fluids at a rate of 500 ml. per pound lost during the exercise activity (5). The active athlete should drink no more than 1 liter of fluids before exercise. Because the kidneys can only produce 1 liter of urine per hour, it is not recommended to drink more that that right before exercising. My advice for the athlete would be to drink between one and two liters of water up to 2 hours before the exercise session and then again 300-500 ml. 15 minutes right before the session (1). During the training or competition, the athlete should hydrate trough fluids that contain both carbohydrate and sodium because both are useful in returning the athlete to a well-hydrated state. Also, as discussed last week during session one, the carbohydrates found in sport drinks assist the muscles with restoring glycogen. The American College of Sports Medicine informs us that there is no special, universal, and standardized formula for fluids intake.There are many external factors that play a role in such matter. Climate conditions, athlete's sweat rate and sweat content, and type of sport as well. During a study that took in consideration a 17 years old tennis player, it was determined that the athlete's heat cramps were due to a few combined factors such as humidity level, sweat rate, high sodium loss, and types of fluids ingested. At the end of the study, it was concluded that the young tennis player was able to avoid heat cramps by increasing the sodium intake right before but especially during the exercise session (6). With a sweat rate of 1.28 liters per hour, I would consider this rate to be on the high side, I would recommend for this athlete to stay hydrated during competition through a combination of sport drinks like Gatorade Endurance with sodium content of 37mmol/L and water as well.When the training...

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