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Exercise Without Losing Weight Essay

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In Brief: Exercise without losing weight. (2007, August 1). Harvard Health Letter. Retrieved from
I retrieved this peer-reviewed article from within the Harvard Health Letter where an author was not listed in order to evaluate the authority and background. When the word exercise is brought into conversation, one thought assumed to be associated is weight loss. Within this article exercise is evaluated by the opposite of this assumption. Canadian researchers conducted a study of twenty-four men ranging in body sizes from lean to obese, some with medical conditions. The participants had to follow an intense aerobic exercise program for one hour five times a week.
The twist of this study includes participants being told to consume the amount of calories that were worked off, to ensure no weight loss. After three months measurements were taken and the men had lost an inch off their waist size. Also, the levels of a chemical produced by fat were reduced. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to inform individuals that if a weight reduction is not seen from continual exercising, hopes are not to be given up. The common target audience concerning this article is towards men and women, of all sizes. I would estimate that between the ages of twenty and forty-five, this article could grab the attention of many.
In contrast to some course readings, this article describes exercising without weight loss. For instance, within the processes of change, one principle is contingency management. This process relates rewards and punishments with the behavior. If one was following a “normal” exercise/diet plan such as Weight Watchers, some weight would be lost and one might reward him/herself by purchasing new clothes. With the exercise program explained within the article, rewards may not be given from the lack of being able to see the progress of ultimately becoming healthier. Therefore, punishments to oneself may be given such as completely giving up on the program. Even though results are occurring, ones that are not easily visible do not motivate individuals as much as when one actually sees results.
Another contrast to this article is that within the other sources I was finding, most of them only related to exercise that presumed weight loss. This reason is particularly why I chose this article over the others. A different outlook was used and in doing so grabbed my attention as I believe it would others. With a different perspective of exercise being brought to individual’s attention, I believe this is a useful source. Not only does this article persuade but it encourages individuals to continue their workouts whether or not results are seen. The information is reliable being peer-viewed coming from the Health Reference Center Academic and within the Harvard Health Letter. The only bias...

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