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An exhibition is to be held at the Aberrant Art Gallery, Seabreeze Blvd, Daytona Beach, Florida next month, and the exhibition will have some of the greatest exhibits ever collected and shown in one place. What makes the exhibition so attractive is that it will have for the first time, paintings of some of the finest artists ever. Also, the Art Gallery is about the best place to hold the exhibition because of its location and picturesque landscape. Wouldn’t it be excruciatingly unimaginable to have some of the greatest works of artists of the nineteenth century, worth millions of dollars, showcased just before your eyes? You could be one of the few thousands who have the chance to see these ...view middle of the document...

Paintings are known to express, or reveal the inner thoughts of the artist. Europe was center of Art & Architecture, and Western Europe in particular was the center for excellence. Right from the Renaissance period, artists began to experiment with themes and styles, and art had a new meaning. The artists, who followed the Renaissance era, began to experiment, and while early paintings focused on portraits, toward the middle and late nineteenth century, this trend changed, and there emerged a new set of artists, who looked at life in general and postulated themes that depicted life as it were. It was during the middle to late nineteenth century, that a group of painters, who called themselves the impressionists, spent a lot of their time painting the outdoors in bright, strong colors. For them, art was a means to depict everyday life, and they added bright colors to give their image life and vibrancy. They believed in modernity and most of their paintings looked like as though they were incomplete. Mary Cassatt (1844-1926), an American, who spent time in Paris, was an Impressionist artist.
The painting to the left, ‘Lydia Crocheting in the Garden at Marly,’ is a portrait of her sister, Lydia Simpson Cassatt crocheting in their garden in summer. The remarkable use of dark colors captures the imagination of the viewers, while she has not lost sight of giving importance to her sister. The painting reveals a great deal about the time the
[Lydia Crocheting in the Garden at Marly, www.metmuseum.org]
painting was done, and also, shows Lydia attending to her knitting, in anticipation of the coming winter.
Post-impressionists, as the name suggests, were those set of painters who came after the impressionists, and rejected their limitations. They believed in breathing life into their painting, and were very expressive. They differed from Impressionists in that; they looked to the future, while Impressionists stayed in the present. The name of Vincent van Gogh, an eccentric, but brilliant painter from Holland, is world –renowned. Vincent was able to bring his characters to life,...

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