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Existence And Beliefs: A Personal Reflection Essay

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I imagine there are billions of stars and constellations that are constantly shifting, changing and expanding infinitely to create every single existing thing on earth and everything all of us have ever known. But I can also imagine God waving his hands like a magician and all the elements forming to create the earth, the universe, and all the people that will ever exist. We also could have just as easily poofed into existence for a reason, fates intertwining and planning to cause our creation at the precise moment we are needed. But what does it mean then, what can it all mean? The questions surrounding existentialism are answered in the world around us through personal experiences, ...view middle of the document...

I also cannot count how many times I have felt de ja vu at moments when I know I have done a new thing before. This leads me to think that we are recycled souls, we are reincarnated every time we die until we get so wise that we ascend into heaven. Reality, to me, is a series of finished and unfinished stories that I try to unravel and read constantly. Through my experiences, I can find solid evidence for my beliefs and justification for my mentality.
The question of why we exist, why the universe and all people exist has a purpose and a story. One could look back at any life and tell it like a story, or a lesson, because advice from the mistakes of others is invaluable. Every father and mother will tell their children what not to do and what to do, passing on generations of knowledge and insight. Our genes might cause us to rate reproduction highly on our to do list for existing, according to Mean Genes, but I think that we really all just want generational betterment. The future kids will be surely better than today’s kids, constantly improving life for humans and for the earth. Sartre said that everything we do is because of the choices we make, we are solely responsible for all of our actions. To some extent he is right, or rather, we should think this way even if it is not true. We should not victimize ourselves and live as if we were puppets; genetics, hormones, chemicals and faith can be no excuse if we make mistakes. Look at the Crusades during the late Middle Ages; they thought that killing and forcing religion on one another would be beneficial for their faith. Instead, they broke their God’s word of “You shall not murder” and blamed all these killings and cruelties as God’s wishes. The Empathic Civilization video by Jeremy Rifkin suggests that we are soft wired to experience another’s plight as if we are experiencing it ourselves. This means that we were made for being compassionate, social beings instead of sadness or dissatisfaction. We feel each others’ suffering and so, we have a support system; no one ever has to suffer alone. We urge for war againist another country if they threaten ours. We seek revenge when a family member or friend is murdered. We are such strongly empathic beings that it overshadows all feelings of anger, depression, and even joy. These invaluable words of advice from multiple sources of the past help us to understand our existence and our humanity better.
The way we perceive the world contributes to the evidence of our faith and beliefs. A person who has just lost their job might question the existence of God while a person...

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