Existentialism, And How It Is Used In "The Stranger" By Beowulf And Grindel.

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Existentialism means many different things to different people. From what I've learned about existentialism, it all boils down to the choices we make in life. And the question " do our choices matter in the end?"According to Meursault, the main character in The Stranger, nothing in life is to be gained or lost. He always says, "it's all the same to me." This shows existentialism, because it is obvious that he really doesn't think any of the choices that he makes are really going to matter at the end of his life.The main existential part in The Stranger is when Mersault does not cry at his mother's funeral. That determines his death in the end of the novel. Another existential part is when Marie asks Mersault to marry her, he said that it really didn't matter either way if they got married or if they didn't. In chapter 5 I noticed another very important existential part. It is when Mersault says "But i was sure about me, about everything, surer than he could ever be, sure of my life and sure of my death i had waiting for me." That passage proves Mersult to be a true existentialist. When he is laying in his jail cell he claims, " i had lived my life one way and i could just as well have lived it another."Right before Mersult is executed he accepts that he was indifference to the world and it to him.The novel Grindel is also considered to be an existential novel. I found Grindel himself to be quite the existentialist. His basic emotions throughout the novel show existentialism to the extreme.The first sign of existentialism is when Grindel is observing man. He feels isolated, like he is all alone in the world. Grindel tells a story from his childhood. He gets stuck on a mountain, he wept and sobbed thinking of how no one would ever miss him. One of the main points of existentialism is when Grindel declaires that he understood that the...

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