Exoplanets And The Search For Life

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Other Life in our Universe?

Have you ever wondered if something living was outside of our world? Somewhere in those far-away, remote regions. Well you may be right. In this project we will be investigating exoplanets and the search for life.

There are many stars in our universe, and many of them have multiple planets. These planets are also known as exoplanets/extra-planets. They may contain life. Many people are searching for life. Others are searching for intelligent life with radio technology. They send and receive signals. Many are from Earth, but one may be a real alien signal. If it is then we should investigate immediately. There has only been one signal that may have been an ...view middle of the document...

fi = The fraction of life planets on which intelligent life emerges.
fc = The fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space.
L = The lifespan of E.T so that E.T have time to adapt and become a civilization that releases detectable signals into space.

Here is the estimates for the known values:

R* and ne are closer to 10 than 1, all f’s are less than 1, and L = ? years
So perhaps maybe the only thing affecting this equation in a big way is L, if it is large it is likely we find E.T., if it is short than due to lifespan and time the E.T have to build wave transmitters is low so it is highly unlikely.

Well what is intelligent life? Does it need to be able to talk, have emotions, calculate, or/and understand concepts. Well dolphins and whales have a method of talking, dogs have emotions, shepherd dogs can see if a single sheep is missing (calculate), and some dogs can be taught on how to do somethings. Intelligent life must be able to do all of these things, evolve, adapt and overcome.

We know that life has some requirements to stay alive but it does not necessarily require photosynthesis or plants. There are a type organism called extremophiles (ekˈstreməˌfīl), an organism that can live in very extreme conditions. They can live in nearly impossible to reach or live in areas either geo biologically or physically. So that means it is possible for life to exist practically everywhere. Everywhere from the coldest to weirdest planets. The only requirement is carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur.

Scientists are currently researching the simplest life, or the basis of all life even E.T will have. Where? The place where life is thought to be originated, the ocean.

Signs of I.E.T Life

There have been many signs of I.E.T. Few examples are crop circles,
radio communications, and sightings of the creatures. The most intriguing one is crop circles. Crop circles are complex and simple designs made in crops that look like this.

But did aliens really make these nearly perfect patterns? The answer is probably no. There was a duo who made tons of crop circles and turned themselves in. They even had videos of them cutting through the fields to prove they did it. Many of these figures were mathematical shapes, but looked so perfect that maybe aliens did make them. No one is sure.

Using radio telescopes scientists scan for radio transmissions from other life and send radio waves that may be from other planets. Actually we will concentrate on one very important thing known as the Wow! signal.

The wow signal was a extraordinary discovery in which Jerry R. Ehman found an unusual band of radio signals which was definitely not from earth. After seeing it he screamed Wow so the signal became known as the Wow! signal.

The circled objects are impossible to be from earth since we do not have the technology to send radio transmissions that large and powerful. We...

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