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Exotic Species Essay

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Did you know that bringing in just a few exotic species of the same kind into the United States could throw of the whole food chain? We may not pay much attention to it, but we Americans are the ones most responsible for the disturbing of the ecological balance of the world by bringing in new plant and animal species. These exotic species take away what is needed for the native species and very often it is the native species that become threatened.
The introducing of exotic species into a different environment usually leads to drastic changes, where nearby species are unable to get use to the competing invader. One example is the small zebra mollusk which is native to Eastern Europe and was first discovered in the Great Lakes in 1988. It was accidentally brought to the U.S. through commercial shipping. They have spread quickly moving through the Mississippi River and into other inland rivers. The zebra mollusk fastens themselves to hard surfaces. With such multiplying populations we face the chance of them interfering with commercial activities like clogging up the pipes of water treatment systems. Growing rapidly, they soon take over resources belonging to other native species, causing the elimination of many native species of clams. Invading specie, the European round goby fish, was found in the Great Lakes. They found that these fish prey on zebra mollusk, but that is not the only thing they live on. They eat fish eggs and other small fish.
In some cases though the exotic species aren’t always introduced by accident, this is the Japanese Kudzu vine. It was brought to America in 1876 at the Centennial Exposition. Americans fell in love with this fast-growing vine that grows up to sixty feet each year. It soon became something that caused more harm than good. It began to destroy valuable forests by not letting...

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