Expanded Nursing Career: Roles, Requirements And Scope

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In the second half of the 20th century, nursing saw lots of advancement in nursing theories and practice. Whole new careers of research, counselling changed the way traditional nursing practice. This gave nurses more confidence in having more specific role. These developments rejuvenated nursing by the introduction expanded nursing careers. These careers have an immense potential to contribute to the health care system. They allow more scope and liberty of clinical practice in nursing. It gives nurse an opportunity to advance their career. This essay gives an overview of three expanded careers nurse practitioner, midwifery and clinical nurse specialist. Essay also discusses their roles and ...view middle of the document...

Thus role of the nurse is quite similar to the family physician. Nurse practitioners usually provide primary health care in rural areas which are facing a critical shortage of the physician. Nurse practitioner draws very high salary wages and benefits. Nurse practitioner earns an average median salary of 80435 CAD per year. (Nurse Practitioner (NP) Salary, Canada, 2014). Becoming a nurse practitioner is quite lengthy and competitive. Nurse practitioner is a postgraduate degree. One must show three things in order to get enrolled into nurse practitioner program. First is the proof of current registration as a registered nurse with nursing board. Second requirement is the minimum of 70% overall during BScN, and 2 years of full time nursing practice within 5 years with current BCLS certification (Lakehead University, 2014).
Another lucrative nursing specialty is the nursing midwife. Role of the midwife is to provide a primary care to women and the neonate during pregnancy, labour and in the postpartum period. They can handle the pre-partum, partum (performing a normal delivery) and the postpartum care independently or they can ask for assistance in an emergency. They form the first tier of the maternity service provider (Canadian association of midwifery (CAM), 2014). Midwives usually practice independently. They can have their own practice. Thus they can enjoy greater liberty. Midwives provide maternal and neonatal health to the areas which have lack of specialty and infrastructure for providing maternal and neonatal health; therefore they are important pillar of the rural health service. Midwives working hours can be uncertain because of the uncertainty of the labour. Midwives are the registered nurse who has completed a bachelor degree in midwifery (Kozier et al, 2013). A midwife gets higher pay and benefits despite of having 4 year bachelor degree only. An average midwife makes 55000 CAD per year (Midwife salary Canada, 2014).
Clinical nurse specialist
Lastly, the most diverse expanded nursing career is the clinical nurse specialist. According to Kozier et al. (2013), clinical nurse specialists are the RN who has an advanced degree or special training in the specific clinical areas. There are more than 66 clinical specialties in which nurses can opt for their specialization (“List of nursing specialties - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”, n.d.). Education requirements for a clinical...

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