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Expanding Feminist Activism Essay

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Expanding Feminist Activism

I chose this topic mainly because of interest. When thinking about the idea of feminism aside from all stereotypes one would think the struggle for women's rights. The idea sounds unified in saying and one would assume most women were involved. For a long time the women's movement applied to just white upper class females. I found a source on extremist women, which focused on the powerful ideas of white supremacy. This article was geared toward white women, and the goal trying to be achieved was equal status as men in the work place, and no rights for minorities. Not surprisingly many of these participants were in the Ku Klux Klan. What is funny to me is that while these women are making this "powerful" stand for women and humanity they are also contradicting themselves as well. How can u have a fight for justice and equality, when not everyone is allowed to participate? I found another source which was called Feminism is For Everybody written by bell Hooks. Its focus was on her opinion of the feminist movement and how she felt it too was focused on the white middle class. When the movement opened up and extended themselves to other groups there was still a large problem. Many of them assumed that every other group was fighting for the same thing, and if they weren't well they should change views because there way was the "right" way. What's important with this situation is not every group suffers the same, there are similarities but the end goal can sometimes be different. The first sight was one was called, Expanding the boundaries of the Women's movement: Black feminism and the struggle for welfare rights. This article is critical; it paints a picture of the needs and wants of feminist from African Americans. The movement in this article was focused on abortion, poverty, and race and welfare rights. This exemplifies that these types of improvements can been just as much as fighting for a corporate position in some societies. Now I am no way saying that black women just want small simple rights, many want the same achievement as most women, power, however in this situation its little steps that make this process worthwhile. Another source I found was called, Bridging the Local and the Global: Feminism in Brazil and the International Human Rights Agenda. It focused on the issues surrounding Brazilian women and their struggle to bond together. This reference is important when opening up and expanding the issues of feminism to a global focus. In order for things to happen one needs to start within their community however understanding another cultures is just as important.

I respect this project because it educates me and allows me to give information too others. I give a lot of credit to these women especially those in minority groups. Life for them is a struggle and many of them have double and triple jeopordies. Being able to have a positive outlook is important when one needs to achieve hard earned success....

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