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Expanding The Range Of Options Essay

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High school seniors need to be taught economic responsibility. Economic responsibility should not only be taught in the schools, but in the home as well. As we have discussed in prior chapters, some of the reason we are in the mess we find ourselves in is due to the overspending not only by individuals, but the government as well. Arthur MacEwan states, “U.S. consumers have a reliance on credit and fail to look beyond the present” (2012, p. 6) As a consumer the high school senior needs to be taught how to look beyond what they see. How are they going to pay for the credit they have taken out, if our country hits another recession and they are left without employment?
Businesses and families borrow money to start up their business, to run their households and this amount has risen dramatically over the last two decades. According to John Miller, “in 1990 the household debt owed by families was 60.2% which has increased in 2010 to 92.5% and the total debt of businesses in 1980 was 53% whereas in 2010 it jumped to 74.3%” (2011, p. 36) Another words our budgets are not any more balanced than our governments without borrowing. Our government has borrowed and put money into our economy in order to try and give our economy a boost into the right direction. Miller states, “In 2008, the U.S. government spent $253.8 billion on expenditures that will boost the productivity of the economy and help to provide the tax revenue to service our national debt” (2011, p. 37) Our high school seniors need to be taught the appropriate times when to spend money and when they should invest to boost their future.
MacEwan points out there are three areas which should be addressed if we want to get a handle on our financial crisis. High school seniors should be taught about the vicious circle of power, ideology, and inequality. Many individuals have the mindset of “keep the government out” (MacEwan, 2012, p. 8). By leaving the government out of their social programs we are putting limits on what many of these programs were designed to do. By investing into social programs, we are investing in our future; we are looking beyond our present situation and virtually strengthening our country. It will not fix every problem our country is facing, but it will help.
High school seniors need to be taught and made aware of current economic times. They need to be educated to both sides of economic turmoil. According to...

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