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It is a hard decision to live in a different place other than a place where you belong to. Living in a different country could be challenging through many variations such as culture, weather, friends, people, language, transportation system, amount of traveling, and so on in order to keep up with a job obligations. Whereas, there are some advices are suggested to keep a expatriated feel as much superior value. Covering the following information would be a great opportunity to find Indonesia a better place: geography, housing, cost of living, food, schools, banks, transportation, currency, fun, customs, and U.S. embassy information. This essay will accumulate the interest of being away from home and raise your knowledge about Indonesia.
Indonesia is an Asian country that located on Southeast Asia. It contains around 17,000 islands with a population around 246.9 million who speak Indonesian language governed by a Presidential system in the capital city of Jakarta. The main cities of Indonesia are Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Bekasi, Tangerang, Makassar, South Tangerang, Pekanbaru, Semarang, Palembang, Depok, Batam, Padang, and Bandar. Indonesia located on the equator, which makes Indonesia has an interesting place to learn a new climate.
People should be prepared for Indonesian climate before they arrive. Indonesia has kind of decent weather, in which it cannot goes to neither extreme cold nor extreme hot. Therefore, Indonesia has two seasons, even dry or wet seasons unlike the U.S. that has four seasons around the year. Between October and April is the wet season, and May and September is the dry season in Indonesia. The differences are slightly notable in term of the amount of humidity and heat. Whereas, dry season tend to be drier and hotter than the wet season. In addition, Indonesia has equatorial rain that come suddenly, and it could keep raining for days in some Indonesian areas such as Kalimantan (in the south), and Nusa Tenggara (in the east) where driving could be prohibited in heavy rain periods. Central Malukucould is in south east Indonesia, which has less rain than the other cities and it can be a better place for whom don’t like rain.
The cost of living in Indonesia is way lesser than the cost of living in the United States. The average American cost could be over 100% comparing to Indonesian cost. Whereas 1.00 us dollar cost 11962.00 Indonesian Rupiah. For example, it is possible to buy two bottles of coke for one U.S. dollar. Thus, the cost of living in United States is higher than the cost of living in Indonesia by 77.60% in Groceries Prices, 507.24% in Local Purchasing Power, 233.98% in Restaurant Prices, 167.64% in rent prices, and 93.18% in Consumer Prices. These huge differences make Indonesia a better places to spend fun time with cheaper cost.
There are many entertaining places in Indonesia that match the Western life. For example, clubs, theaters, amusement Parks, and restaurants. Black Cat Jazz Supper Club is...

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