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Expectation Of A Bird Essay

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On the dot at eight, Miss Sophia reached me in front of my gate. Get in her car, she rendered me a dazzling smile and thank me once again for accepting her invitation. We went to a restaurant, a place I have never been. I never cared much about that, as long as I am with her. Feeling so lucky to spend the night with her, I silently made a wish that this won’t be the first and the last date for us. My brain gave out few questions… would this woman care for a dance? Does she like to camp? Can she paint? Does she care gazing into the sky with me? Would she be as caring as Rina? I wish to know it all, as good as I understand about Rina through the good times we spent, if possible, I’d like to ...view middle of the document...

“I believe in your ability. You know Andrey, I truly impressed by what Rina has done to you.”
“What do you mean?” The puzzlement getting harder. Why should she repeat that name during our first date? I felt guilty. I know Rina is waiting for me.
“After what has occurred, I can see your relationship with Rina is refining too, and I reckon this has affected you to some level. I mean it positively. Rina and I, we do discuss about our students, and you are constantly highlighted. Mr. Fauzi said that too that he is proud that you finally made up your mind to continue art. I saw some of your paintings. Impressive. You are gifted.”
“Thank you Miss. Like Mr. Fauzi said, the talent shouldn’t be wasted. I’m doing it in the sense of affection in art. This I won’t neglect ever again and yea, it’s true, I honestly blame myself for the wrongdoings I did to Miss Rina. Her toleration has opened up my mind. I did apologize to her once again, and her concern has left me a conception regarding future. I’m grateful to have her attention. And yours too.” Miss Sophia didn’t say anything, her smile did the reply.
“What do you usually do on Saturday night?” She inquired after a brief silence.
“Nothing much. At home, TV, music, with my sisters. Once in a while I went out alone. My life is boring, Miss.”
“Don’t you hang out with Jacqui?”
“No. I guess our interests are different.”
“Hmm… yea, I can see. She can do a talk. You are a quiet person who enjoys being alone. But I observe at school, both of you are getting closer. I have never seen you do this to any other classmates, or schoolmates.”
“I’m comfortable with her, she is funny.”
And the first dinner went on… nothing much to relate, it was somewhat a bit lackluster, aside from my obsession towards her that encouraged me to keep my eyes awake. Unlike Rina who is passionate in everything I said and done, the conversation I held with Miss Sophia that night wasn’t like I had a bun in the oven. My mind kept on analysing the whole situation. Perhaps the dinner means nothing to her, it was me who expected too much. Her face looked empty. Just as same as I see her at school. This never occurred when I am with Rina who is always highly ardent every time we are together. Reasonably, I felt a bit vexed and let down, bored. Talking about school, study, biology… this isn’t the things I like to discuss during a special dinner like that. Anyways, I made all ears to every single word she reads.
“Will your parents make trouble if you come home late? I mean… do you need to be home at a certain time?”
“No, Miss. My parents are seldom at home. Even if they are family, they never lay up a curfew for me. I am free to do anything I like as long as I keep them informed.”
To that degree, she warmed up the atmosphere when she eventually took me for a walk after the dinner, recommended a place near a beach located south of our city, just about an hour driving. She told me her life is somewhat boring too, in which keep me wondering if she has...

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