Expectations And Reality Essay

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Expectation is a belief that something will happen or it is a kind of feeling of our beliefs how good , successful….etc will be but reality is something that is real. The issue of expectation and reality will debate on to see the difference between each other. This essay will consider arguments on expectation is an ability to see but reality is when it happens to you , expectations can be better than reality but they are not real and imagination should not takes place in reality then it turns to an expectation.
Firstly , an arguments on expectation is an ability to see but reality is when it happens to you. For example , what we see is an illusion but what we do is reality thus , ıt means everything that we see except from infornt us is an expectation because ın every movie and ın our dreams or our thoughts always ...view middle of the document...

Secondly ,expectations can be better than reality but they are not real. For example, expectations can be high but the output that we get is not the same so reality is mostly painful and insensitive. Moreover , an expectation is dream of world and ıt is like being on the other side of the mirror where everthing seems like perfect but they are all fake because you always expect to see something good and ignore the reality because some people do not prefer to talk about the reality and ignores it into his or her deep but some of them talk too much about it make them to turn it expectation or fell like that they will forgot when they speak too much about the bad things .
An imagination should not takes place in reality then it turns to a reality. For example , everthing that we see or our dreams are our expectations that is the reason of the birth of our psychology or deep which is we can put our feelings or thoughts and so on to the real situations ıt can be bad or good things that happened in a real life but we should not put our imagination because ıt will be painful for our deep. Besides this ,making an expectation (imagination) to takes place in reality means it can not be real anymore.
Finally , everyone has an expectation in this life because people can not live without expecting something but there is a reality ant it seems like they are related with each other but reality can be painful or damage our feelings because only the things that happened to us is real the other are our expectations so we should not to expect too many things because reality can be so different than this.
In conclusion , expectations is a belief but reality is the real things that happen so as a result, expectation is our ability to see but reality is happened things , expectations can be better than reality but they are not real and our expectations should not takes place in reality then it might be turns to a disaster.

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