Cost Of Glory: The Issues Surrounding Football Injuries

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America’s newfound favorite pastime, football, came from a bizarre chain of events. Football started when a soccer player got fed up with just kicking the ball, so he picked up the ball and ran to the goal. His actions of picking up the ball and running with it fathered a new European sport, rugby, which was soon brought over to American shores, and was altered slightly, the shape of the ball and a few other small rules. The sport became organized into a league and produced the NFL(National Football League). The NFL had a slow beginning, but has picked up popularity, currently having a 9 billion dollar yearly revenue. Playing football comes with great costs, including physical and mental health deterioration, plus the amount of time spent prepping before game day. Which can pose several questions, “Why suffer for a game, Is it worth the money? Is it worth the fame? How great is the cost?” I believe that football, should have stricter regulations for the treatment of injuries, along with informing players of just how devastating a concussion can be, along with the other major injuries that commonly occur while playing football.
A big part of NFL’s hold on players is their contract and money. Thousands of young men aspire to be on a professional team, just for the fame, money and title. They are not made aware of the lasting conditions that come with playing football and their everlasting effects. If anything NFL has gone out of their way to discredit the newer research that links playing football with CTE. CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is a disease that has the same effects as dementia and Alzheimer’s, except for CTE leaves tau protein deposition in distinctive areas of the brain, which is what separates CTE from dementia and Alzheimer’s. CTE can be caused by concussions, and just minor head injuries from practice. This goes to shows that NFL and even collegiate level football teams should better inform players before putting them out on the field, along with better regulations on safety equipment and medical treatments, such as how long a player should be benched after suffering from a concussion.
Football injury rate has increased greatly over the past five years. Hospitals are reporting over 15,000 football related injuries yearly. Those numbers are just covering football rec-leagues, backyard games, and collegiate level football. 15,000 is just the documented cases, many NFL players have given testimony to just ignoring the pain, because that is drilled into their heads during practice. For example, former Giants linebacker, Harry Carson, reported having a constant headache that never fully went away. That headache came from the estimated 13 to 18 concussions he suffered from during his NFL career. Long lasting effects of having a concussion also includes: severe depression, cognitive impairment, a precursor of Alzheimer's disease, postconcussion syndrome, and many more. All of which are able to be helped...

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