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Experience And Master´S Program Entry Essay

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The aircraft has become my dream machine since the first day I started working on it. I choose to become an aerospace engineer as I felt that the airplane can give wings to my dream of flying in air. I was recruited by a company called Infosys Limited after completing my under graduation majoring in Mechanical (Production) Engineering. My passion to understand aircraft design has motivated me to work on design of various fuselage components during the course of my career. I was always interested to know about how various components are sized and the math behind arriving at a particular cross-section, thickness etc. As a design engineer my responsibilities include design of components based on stress analysis data, which is limited. I believe that a design engineer should have the knowledge of both stress analysis and design, which will help in understanding various loads acting on the components and design them better. Graduate studies have always been my priorities and I felt working in this industry will be the right preparation for this field. Thus I wish to pursue graduate studies in Aerospace Engineering at your esteemed university with a specialization in design and manufacturing, adding value to my work experience.
I have been interested in airplanes since my childhood. The first airplane I built was a paper fold plane during my school days. Though it was built for fun, I also used to compete among my friends. The planes flying for more distance or staying longer in air were declared as the winners in those competitions. To win in the competition, we used to build planes of various designs and tweak them to fly for longer distance or to stay more time in air. Though it was done unknowingly, today I can relate them with respect to endurance, fuel efficiency and design of a modern aircraft, which plays a crucial role in designing the aircraft. Mathematics was my favorite subject from my school days, in which I achieved a consistent score of 98% till my pre university course.
With my hard work and passion to study further, I was able to secure a seat in Mechanical (Production) branch of Vasavi College of Engineering, which ranks among the top five colleges in my state. Though I completed my bachelor’s with a first division I had faced problems in my initial years due to age distractions which left a major impact on my grades. It left a gap in my understanding capability which I overcame over the time. My favorite subjects during bachelors were Thermodynamics and Computer Aided Design and Modeling (CADCAM), in which I had great interest to learn and experiment. During my four year course, I participated in various technical festivals of Institution of Technology’s (IIT’s), which are the premier institutions of my country, India. Participation in these festivals gave me a practical understanding of my studies and exposure of the real world. The competitions I participated involved business idea presentation, design event using CAD and building...

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