Experience At A Church Service Of The Amazing Grace Church

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1.1 History of Christianity
Christianity is the religion based on the life, death and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, also known as the Christ or Messiah. Jesus was a Jewish teacher and prophet who lived in Palestine in the first century CE. He revealed himself to be the Son of God in fulfillment of Hebrew scripture, and taught that the Kingdom of God was imminent, bringing with it forgiveness and new life for all who believed. His claim to be the Messiah roused opposition from religious and political authorities and he was imprisoned and crucified. His followers believe that after his death, Jesus was resurrected before being taken up to heaven.
1.2 The Amazing Grace Church
On the Sunday of 4th October 2009 our group went to a non-denominational and interdependent Christian church called Amazing Grace Church at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Our visitation was warmly welcomed by two ushers whom gave us a bulletin about the church. The first page of the bulletin, clearly shows that the church focuses very much on building on God’s word as the first thing they mention in the bulletin is “Live by the power of God’s Word! – For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.” (Hebrew 4:12). It also mentioned about the church’s vision– Building our lives stronger in the Word, Worship, and Witness. The church conducts three main services every week, the worship and prayer service on Friday night, word study on Saturday night and Sunday worship service. Most of the services were conducted by Pastor Gan Lee Bee Ling and his wife. The church’s vision was – Building our lives stronger in the Word, Worship, and Witness. The church moved to Seremban in 1986 and has always been associates with a network of governing churches and ministries across the nations called ISAAC (International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches).
Chapter 2: The Worship Service
2.1 The Songs
Worship comes in different forms depending on how the church wants the service to proceed. For the Amazing Grace Church, the service began with the congregation singing a number of worship songs to the Lord that lasted for about an hour. Christian praise and worship by music, and in fact, music is a great tool for helping them feel closer to God. Music is an emotional language because it effectively affects their emotions and the lyrics can swell their hearts. There is nothing bigger and greater than the grace of God that is delivered to them from condemnation through the sacrifice of his own Son. Thus, Christian chooses to praise and worship Him by singing. While singing, the congregation stands on their feet and they seem to be affected by the songs in some way as they raise their hands as a sign of accepting the Lord into their hearts. The emotion that was thrown from the congregation was very distinctive to us as we could see that the songs are an important tool of expression. According to the pastor of the Amazing Grace Church, singing let the people...

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