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Experience Of A Lifetime Essay

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Persistence, passion, perfection. All vital factors to master if you are to be successful, not only within the boundaries of education but throughout life as a whole. Throughout my 4 years of attending Kealakehe high school my mental strengths have been put to the test, multitudes of assignments requiring time management and organization skills in order to be wholesome and meet the standards you set for yourself. I have been thoroughly challenged by the high end education offered at Kealakehe high school, optimizing my chances for success and the ability to strive in college. I have never ceased to challenge myself, partaking in many Honors courses throughout the years, and despite enjoying the challenge and furthering my education I was unable to sustain a high GPA. Currently my GPA is a 2.5 but I aim to improve it as best I can my final year here, I lightened my course load to ensure my success while still challenging myself by taking an AP course. Despite briefly being a part of Interact I haven’t been as involved as I’d hoped throughout my high school career, other responsibilities and distractions consumed what little free time I had once completing homework assignments. However, regardless of missed opportunities, Kealakehe was still a great place for me to develop as a person and improve both socially and academically, with positive and negative events of all calibers molding me into the individual I am today.
My best academic experience at Kealakehe was as a freshman, having outperformed another period, my class was chosen to compete in a statewide We The People competition: A largely upperclassman competition regarding constitutional rights and freedoms everyone has as Americans. Each class was assigned to a room and a group of judges would question and critique our views on certain...

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