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Experience Of The Different Nation Essay

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Experience of the Different Nation
When I usually visit any types of historical place, I always think on its background. I am curious to know what happened years ago in those places, how the people looked like, and how they survived the difficulties of that era. Actually, I am an emotional person especially when I heard on history because I feel captured by the interesting events. Moreover, I feel lost by traveling and going back in years trying to leave the same experiences. The same happened to me before going to visit Boston Tea Party place. Being sincere, at the beginning I thought that Tea Party was a simple celebration where people well-dressed went to taste a special tea. In my first ...view middle of the document...

I passed through the small cottage to book for my ticket. There was an old, sweet man, and he is over weighted and was wearing historical nice dress; it seems to me he popped out from the 1800’s. He was looking too serious; I was nervous to ask about museum aspect. That was my first interactive museum experience and I couldn’t wait to live it. Clearly he opened his smooth, pleasant voice. Finally, we started our conversation, I got calm down a little bit; suddenly, the main door was open and the young guy who was looking like a Latino guy, which made me feel that he was from 1700’s Spanish people who used to live in United States borders, dressed up with historical uniform, announcing about a new trip. “The trip will be start in 15 minutes,” the guy said. Then, ten minutes later, a 1700’s daily outfitted lady came out from balcony of the museum and announced that “Our trip going to start in 5 minutes and we will take you in to the meeting salon.” Subsequently, they called us into the authentically decorated meeting room and placed us to the booths. Obviously, at the beginning I wasn’t aware why a meeting room was too cold. The white and 1700’s stylish girl who was cheering from the balcony came into the room starting to explain about what we needed to do in our trip time. After while, I joined a group, about eight people, made by a Chinese girl, one young couple with their parents, and the other middle aged couple.
Our guides were so energetic and excited, and their energy captured all of us. She continuously gave us information what really happened during the “Boston Tea Party.” At the same time, the young guy was passing out our roles for the active museum activities. So, he gave us some little flash cards, on their back there picture of historical characters with some addition notes on them.
Everybody started to check out their new identification. Through that kindly joke we were learning so many things about history and living a priceless experience. I picked up Elizabeth Otis and instantly I espoused my role. “My father is James Otis; he is a Patriot and who is against the British Policy strongly, my mother is Ruth Cunningham and she is Loyalist my mother and fathers’ politics were quite different but they are attached each other. I am much more closer my mom politics and falling love with Captain Leonard Brown – who is British - but my father would never approve our relation. I will wait until my father is suffering from one of his bouts of madness to get married with my love. When my father recovers his sanity he disinherits me. My husband is wounded at the Battle of Bunker Hill, we moved to England. And my father Otis ultimately forgives me but not in time to change his will. My father leaves me only five shillings,” I announced to them. I also had another role to play - John Crane role, a Braintree man from Massachusetts who participated in Boston Tea Party in American Resolution. He served for Indian and French War instead of his...

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