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Experiences With Georgia Athletic Hospitality Essay

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My experience serving for Georgia Athletic Hospitality has been beneficial in my search for a career in the field of Sports Management. Through this practicum I have learned more about what it is that I want to do, and I have also learned what paths I no longer want to pursue. I am thankful for the experiences I have had. The practicum has also helped me learn how to better handle a high paced environment. I was able to network with valuable contacts and form relationships that will help me in my future. Georgia Athletic Hospitality is unique and structured organization. I will go into further detail using a SWOT analysis to show the overall position of the company. I will also analyze my own position within the company and my experience though this practicum. Lastly I want to reflect on my thoughts of the practicum and what I plan to take away from this experience.
The organization I work for is Georgia Athletic Hospitality (GAH). The Colonnade Group, a sports production and event management company based in Birmingham, Alabama manages the GAH office. GAH handles the management and operation of the Sanford Stadium SkySuites, Champion’s Club, SkyClub, and Stegeman Coliseum’s courtside seating and hospitality for Men’s Basketball and Gymnastics. It relies on the help of student ambassadors, who are directly interacting with guests. The mission of GAH is to bring the best possible game experience to premium seat holders at the University of Georgia.
The organization of GAH is straightforward and simplified, which makes communication easy and efficient. It starts from the bottom level, which are the student ambassadors. That is the job I currently serve in. Up from that are the floor captains, who are also students. They tend to be students who have at least one year of experience and they handle any situations that arise on their floor. The next level of seniority is the senior assistants. These include the GAH intern named Lisa, and two other assistants who are graduated students. They report directly to Bethany. Bethany is the operating director for GAH. On game day she is the highest level of authority. At the last game the president of the Colonnade Group came to the game. He is in charge of all the schools that are contracted under the Colonnade Group. The UGA Athletic Department is what GAH falls under on this campus. It falls under the Bulldog club. The executive director for the Bulldog club is Mark Slonaker and Bethany reports to him at UGA.
The GAH is a well-structured organization and I will analyze it using the SWOT method. The first strength of GAH is the vast pool of students they can draw from to create their workforce. They can afford to be more selective and they don’t have to worry about turnover, because there are lots of students who would be willing to fill the position. Another strength of GAH is the simple structure of the organization. I always knew the chain of command and it was easy to get all the information I...

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