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What would you feel when entering a new school? At first you would probably be scared, but also excited for entering to a new school, especially because new challenges will appear and you will experience new things. Alexa Navas and Zion Lesesne are an example, and both of them were able to adapt to a new environment. Alexa was living in Nicaragua, but when she entered the NDS, she felt anxious and was nervous just the way Zion felt. Zion came from the United States and his main challenge was learning a new language, Spanish, which with time he has been improving successfully. Zion and Alexa have adapted to a new school, kept their excellence and have received awards from various contests.
Alexa entered the school in 4th grade (2009) and felt that her main challenge was to adapt into a new environment. Zion also entered the Notre Dame School in 2nd grade (2007), which was two years before Alexa entered and a year of many changes for him. Both of them found a warm and familiar environment, and importantly they felt welcomed by their classmates. As they began adapting to a new environment, they socialized with their classmates but certainly, Alexa got closer to the girls and Zion to the boys. In their process of adapting, they had to put a lot of effort to keep high grades in order to be excellent students that nowadays they have been recognized for their variety of talents. As in any other experience they had fun with an open mind and enthusiasm of going beyond the limits of the horizons. Alexa could become a great student despite the changes of schools and Zion surprisingly fast learned a new language. Both have lived their experience in a unique way, as a result they are the responsible students nowadays.
As time went by, Zion and Alexa could become more interested in their studies and made new friends who have supported them whenever they needed their help, as Alexa said. Alexa´s main interest throughout these years has been science, especially biology because in a bright future,...

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