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Experiencing NZ (1)Have you ever thought of going to another country to live?(p) What do you think it would be like? From my own experience coming to a foreign country to live and study is really difficult. I came from China 2 years ago and I suffered from a cultural shock. (2)New language, new environment, new people, every thing was very new to me. I felt really miserable. On top of that, I was really missing my relatives and friends in China. I was homesick.My first term in college in New Zealand was really scary. I knew no one in the college and language posed a great problem. Some of the kiwi peers were not very nice to me. Though they did not physically harm me, they verbally hurt my feelings. They made fun of me and most of them were junior boys. I really did not know what I could do to them; no one could understand how I really felt at that time. (1)Imagine if you were me what would you do and how would you feel? (E) It was a very hard time for me, but I managed to survive. Today things are much better and I have made a number of good kiwi friends.The education system in China is very different from that of New Zealand. We have longer school hours in China. We start school at 6 am and finish at 6 pm, and we have a lot more homework to do than here. The teachers in China are very strict, and if you don't do your homework they will be real mad at you. I found studying in New Zealand is much easier and I have more leisure time to do what I like. In New...

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