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Experiencing The Known Essay

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There are more Latinos in America than any other ethnic groups (Piar/Stone, xiii). As we experience in our daily lives, there are Latino people most of the places we go to. The major Latino groups in the United States are respectively from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba (Piar/Stone, xiii). Their main religion is Roman Catholicism (Piar/Stone, xiii). Latinos in our today’s community are not seen as white, and still do look like an outsider in America because most of them are new generation immigrants who seek an opportunity to improve their life style. The site visit of the Saint Finbar Catholic Church reflected the theme of the symbol of Virgin Mary and Popular Religiosity introduced in the essays “Theological Significance,” “India,” and “Mestizaje as a Locus of Theological Reflection (1983),” written by Jeanette Rodriguez, Richard Rodriguez, and Virgilio Elizondo, in the Piar/Stone volumes.
In the essay, “Guadalupe: Symbol of God’s Unconditional Love,” Jeanette Rodriguez states, “The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the churches must be accessible and within reach, so that devotees may touch it or rub their hands across the frame or touch the candles before the picture” (Piar/Stone, 42). In the front of the Saint Finbar Church, there was the statue of the Virgin Marry under the shades of the garden. The statue was very interesting since it represented the Latino’s symbol of belief, the representation of the “God’s unconditional love” (Piar/Stone, 42). There were a lot of fresh beautiful flowers and religious candles with the picture of the Virgin Mary printed on them located in front of the statue, which represented Latinos’ traditional beliefs; the beliefs that flowers are the symbols of Virgin Mary. Based on the article, “The Virgin Mary,” in the Piar/Stone volumes, “Up to within recent years, it was the custom in every home to adorn with flowers of the field and garden a specially constructed altar in honor of the Virgin” (Piar/Stone, 15). As we can see in the picture, Latinos have kept their religious beliefs and have strong emotions towards the Virgin Mary.
Popular religiosity still exists in the Latino population of the United States. In the Saint Finbar Church, there was a Latino lady standing next to a boy who seemed like his son. There is obviously a reason for the people who attend during the warships and services of the church. Some people go with their entire family in order to continue their cultural beliefs. On the other hand, some people suffer from unpleasant situations, and find the home of God, the Church, to be a cure, or at least believe in some sort of relief they get by attending. A mother and a son at the Catholic Church without the father did not look like they were there due to their cultural tradition, but needed the help of God. When the ushers of the Church were passing the boxes of donation, the son failed to pass the box on to the next person and dropped it. The other person next to him picked it up and passed it...

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