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Experiment 666 Essay

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The heavy breathing of Tyler and I filled the empty lobby with echoes as little shards of glass slid away from the now shattered front pane. Ignoring the “Do Not Enter” sign we strolled in, we were greeted by and empty room with white peeling paint. The front where we walked in was now shards of glass spilled all over the tiled floor. Graffiti filled the walls and papers were tossed everywhere. There were also some chairs off to the side and the secretary’s desk was littered with paper and left behind spray paint cans. The lobby gave off an apocalyptic kind of vibe with over grown weeds and ivy climbing up the walls like spider veins. Tyler and I are searching for paranormal ...view middle of the document...

It worked and the whole lab threw a huge party to celebrate their success. During the party one of the chemists tripped on his lab coat and spilled wine all over Sarah. The wine corrupted the program and made Sarah a beastly, demonic individual. She then went mad and destroyed the lab killing everyone in the most violent ways normally mutilating her victims alive. Every one died, but in the attack someone managed to lock down the lab trapping everything inside it even a microorganism.
Tyler and I walked in the laboratory department which was hard to find in this maze of hallways and staircases. A wave of air conditioning hitting our body as we pushed open the door labeled “Laboratory”, we wondered why exactly the air conditioning is on in this building? White and grey tiles were cracked and scattered with notebooks and files. We continued down the corridor, to the right of us was astaircase and at the top of it said “Laboratory is shut down under emergency authority, no personnel shall enter.” But the weird thing about the sign was that under it said “come on in”. Again we ignored it like the first one and I was about to see if I could unlock the door when at the corner of my eye I saw a fake plant wobble in the corner. Tyler was also staring at it until he went to check it out. He looked behind it in shock and jolted back to me making it visual for me to see...

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