Experiment On Amount Of Fat In The Common Hotdog. Includes A Graph And Chart, Procedures, Materials, And Conclusion.

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Hotdog Lab ReportPurpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the amount of fat contained in a hotdog. It will be found in the form of a percentage of the total amount of hotdog used.Materials:1. 10.0 grams of finely chopped hotdog meat2. 250 mL beaker3. 17 mL of 1.5M NaOH4. 5 mL of Distilled Water5. Graduated Cylinder6. 400 mL beaker7. Bunsen Burner8. Ring Stand9. Tongs10. Iron ring11. Disposable Pipette12.50 mL beaker13. Protective goggles14. Aprons15. Glass rod16.Triple-Beam Balance17.Stop watch18.Dishwashing Soap19.Spatula20.Wire gauze21.Gas22.Thermometer23.Thermometer holderProcedure:1.First, put on protective goggles and aprons if necessary.2.Second, weigh and record the weights of the 250 mL and 50 mL beakers.3.Third, use spatula to obtain approximately 10 grams of finely chopped hotdog meat into a 250 mL beaker and weigh the total mass (Find 10 grams by recording the total mass and subtracting it from the mass of the 250 mL beaker found in step 2).4.Next, measure 17 mL of 1.5M NaOH in the graduated cylinder and add it to the beaker of hotdog meat.5.Then, measure 5 mL of distilled water in the graduated cylinder and mix it with the 250 mL beaker of hotdog meat and 1.5M NaOH.6.Fill a 400 mL beaker about half way full, and place the 250 mL beaker into it, making sure the water does not overflow.7.Attach the iron ring and thermometer to the ring stand and place the wire gauze on top of the iron ring.8.Next, place the 400 mL beaker of water and the 250 mL beaker on top of the wire gauze; be sure it is stable and not likely to boil over easily, and place the thermometer into the thermometer holder so its tip reaches a few millimeters into the solution.9. Attach the Bunsen burner to the gas outlet, turn on the gas, and light the Bunsen burner.10.Place it underneath the beaker, acting as a hot water bath, until the temperature reaches 70-80° Celsius.11.At this temperature, time for 7-10 minutes, stir the solution with the glass rod if necessary, but do not stir the...

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