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Aerobic or cardiovascular fitness is the quantity of oxygen transported in the blood from the lungs, and how the efficiently the muscles use the oxygen. Various tests can be used to determine this, such as the beep or pacer test, V02Max test, the step test or the treadmill test. In this experiment, three participants will complete the beep test and the step test.
The beep test is a multi-stage fitness tests, where two markers are placed 20m apart, and participants must run the 20m, at an increasing pace. Each beep signals them to begin running. When the participant has missed three beeps, they must stop and the level they got up to is recorded.
The step test is a less physically demanding test. Participants must step up and down the step for three minutes, at a pace of approximately 25 steps per minute, then sit down for a minute before measuring heart rate.
· 4 participants
· Pen
· Clipboard
Beep test:
· At least 4 cones
· Minimum 20m tape measure
· Beep test audio file
· Speaker
Step Test:
· Timer
· One 25cm step
· Device to measure heart rate
· Chair
The three participants are Lacy Smith (aged 15), Penny Sholor (aged 53) and Mia Bosonovski (aged 11). Lacy is very fit, and goes for runs at least three times a week. Penny doesn’t run at all, but goes for walks regularly, while Mia is reasonably fit and runs between once and twice a fortnight.
Beep test:
1. Measure out a 20m by 10m rectangle and put cones at each corner
2. Connect beep test audio file to speaker, and turn volume to full
3. Line participants up along the 10m line
4. Press the start button on your audio file
5. At the start of every beep, participants will run 20m to the other cones. From there they will wait until the next beep sounds before running back, and repeating the process.
6. When the participant has missed three beeps, they must stop running, and record the highest level and shuttle they have achieved.
Step Test:
1. Start a three minute timer
2. The participant must step up and down the step for three minutes, at approximately 25 steps per minute
3. After the three minutes is up, encourage participant to sit down. A minute after they have finished, record their heart rate
4. Repeat for remaining two participants.
Beep Test (level)
Step Test (heart rate in bpm)

1 (Mia)

2 (Penny)

3 (Lacy)



In the beep test, you can clearly see that Lacy Hackett has the best aerobic fitness. This is shown by her high beep test score. The graphs shows that Lacy’s overall fitness and speed is much higher than Mia’s.
In the step test, both Mia and Lacy recover much quicker than Penny. We noticed that...

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