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Experiment: To Find Out If It Is Always Possible For Substances To Dissolve

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Soluble or Insoluble
Purpose: To find out if it is always possible for substances to dissolve.
Hypothesis: I think the possibility of a solute dissolving, all depends on the type of solvent.(E.g. Water-pure substance international solvent, soap-already a solution). I think because water is a pure substance, it will be easier for solutes to dissolve in it. The thickness of the solvent may affect the dissolving process of the solute but maybe not by much.
 4 transparent plastic cups or beakers
 pen or marker
 4 labels
 measuring spoons
 water
 vegetable oil
 salt
 sugar
 4 stir sticks
1. Make a table for your observations similar to
the one shown below. ...view middle of the document...

The ball dissolved but the sugar did not dissolve completely. The diffusion process was not effective in this mixture. While stirring, the sugar stuck to the walls of the cup. The solution was heterogeneous.
C Water Salt The salt dissolved, and made the water translucent. During the diffusion process, some of the salt floated at the top of the water. While stirring, the water settled then rose. The solution was somewhat homogeneous
D Vegetable Oil Salt When the salt was poured in, it immediately sank to the bottom of the cup. While stirring, I noticed that stirring moved the salt around but did not dissolve the salt. The water level rose. The solution was heterogeneous
E Water Sugar Powder The sugar sank almost immediately(approx.30 seconds.) and did not float. The sugar began dissolving instantly and did not change the smell of the water. The water was still transparent but you could see the powder. The solution was homogeneous.
F Vegetable Oil Sugar Powder The sugar floated at the top of the oil and after a few moments, the sugar sank to the bottom. The sugar changed the colour of the oil to a lighter yellow, but as the sugar settled, the colour changed back to its original shade.

Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct. In my hypothesis, I said that the dissolving of the solute was all depending on the solvent and that was evident in this experiment. Water was the best solvent because through particle theory we know that there are spaces between the particles and there are empty...

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