Experiment To Investigate The Heat Released During A Displacement Reaction

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PlanningIn this investigation I am going to investigate the various heat released during a displacement reaction when one factor, the variable, is changed. There are a number of variables which could be used in this experiment. You can change the metal used, the concentration of the metal salt, the amount of the metal, the type of metal salt, or the volume of the solution. In the experiment, the independent variable will be the concentration of metal salt. This can be varied from 0% to 100%. I therefore feel it would be sensible to measure 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% concentration. The 0% would be the control: if anything changes with this concentration, something has obviously gone wrong.This experiment can only be kept fair if there is only one variable. As I have already stated, this will be the concentration of metal salt. This means that any of the other possible variables must be kept constant. So the type of metal must be the same, as must the amount of the metal. Also, the type of metal salt should be kept constant, along with the volume of the solution. A further constant should be the amount of stirring, if any. One final constant will be the start temperature, although this could quite easily vary, since it will be room temperature.This experiment will need to be reliable in order to be certain of the results and conclusions. To do this, the experiment should be repeated, in order to try and avoid anomalies. If any anomalies are obtained, the result will be omitted and experiment repeated for that concentration. I hope to obtain 3 results for each concentration, but cannot be sure that I will have time to get these.There will not be much equipment needed for the experiment. It will be simplest to place the solution and metal inside a polystyrene cup. A lid will obvious be needed to keep the heat in. Furthermore a thermometer will be needed to measure the temperature change. A balance will be used to measure the weight of the metal, and a measuring cylinder to measure the metal salt and water.I am now going to present a method. Firstly, the equipment will be obtained, as well as the metal and metal salt. The metal salt will be placed in a polystyrene cup and the temperature noted. The metal will then be added to the solution. The change in temperature will be recorded, and the change in temperature calculated. The experiment will then be repeated, including for the control.I predict that the greater the concentration of metal salt, the greater the heat released during the reaction. However I also predict that the increase will gradually get less and less. I think this because of the Collision Theory for the first part of the prediction, which states as I stated. This is because there will be more of the metal salt to collide with the metal. For the second part of the prediction, I think this will be the case because the amount of metal remains the same and therefore there will come a point where the metal still needs to collide in...

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