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Experimental Aircraft Association: Analysis Of A Discourse Community

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Flying alongside the clouds at high altitudes; to hear nothing except the thoughts in my head and to go to far away destinations on a weekend is just some of the reasons I enjoy flying. I start out early in the morning heading out to the local airport. At that time in the morning, I can feel the chill in the air. It is so quiet at the beginning of dawn. I know when I am close to the airport; I can smell the aviation fuel burning from the aircraft on the runway. Once I arrive, I head straight to the aircraft hangar where I left my aircraft the previous day. Next, I would walk around the aircraft to do a visual inspection of any damage to the aircraft that may have been done on a previous flight. If there is some minor damage, I log it in my flight log. Once I am done with the preliminary outside inspections, I move inside the flight cabin where I set the instruments for the day’s flight. Once the instruments are set, I crack my window slightly and yell, “CLEAR.” I turn the key to the right; the propeller starts to turn with a clank, clank sound; suddenly the engine comes to life. WOW, what a feeling that is to hear the engine comes to life. I place my headset on my head and say, “Clermont, WNS77 with radio check, Clermont.” The tower replies with, “Clermont, WNS77 radio check, load and clear, Clermont.” The thrill of flying has always had a place in my heart and being a part of the Experimental Aviation Association, also known as EAA, has help me feel closer to my desires of flying with the heavenly bodies. The main goal of the Experimental Aircraft Association is to bring individuals, like myself, together and share in the joy of all parts of aviation. This can include homebuilt aircraft, exploring new technology in the field of aviation or anything else that deals with flying in general. The association makes this possible by their close net of pilots sharing the same dreams; by sharing their expertise in their fields; by intercommunication correspondence and the nationwide chapters they offer. The Experimental Aircraft Association has all the characteristics of a discourse community determined by John Swales’ definition but also has the authority, rebellion and identity crisis discussed in Elizabeth Wardle’s work. If you are looking for a flying club that has all the characteristics of the aviation’s dream world, Experimental Aircraft Association is the club for you.
The Experimental Aircraft Association was founded in 1953 by veteran aviator Paul Poberezny along with other aviation enthusiasts. The Experimental Aircraft Association describes the founder and the organization as:
The organization began as more or less a flying club. Paul Poberenzy explains the nature of the organization's name, "Because the planes we flew were modified, or built from scratch they were required to display an EXPERIMENTAL placard where it could be seen on the door or cockpit, so it was quite natural that we call ourselves the "Experimental Aircraft...

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